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Dil Hi Tou Hai Pakistani Drama Cast: Name & Picture – ARY Digital


Dil Hi Tou Hai is a new 2023 Pakistani drama series airing on ARY Digital TV. The drama story centers on the relationship between Sabrina, Moeed, and Abeera. Dil Hi Tou Hai lead cast comprises Maria Malik, Zoya Nasir, and actor Ali Ansari. Let us meet the actors of Dil Hi Tou Hai – their names, pictures, and brief biographies.


Dil Hi Tou Hai Drama Cast: Name & Picture

Pakistani drama Dil Hi Tou Hai cast consists of the following actors:

Maria Malik as Sabrina

In “Dil Hi Tou Hai,” the character of Sabrina is portrayed by the talented actress Maria Malik, making her an integral part of the “Dil Hi Tou Hai Pakistani drama cast.” Sabrina is Abeer’s cousin who, after her mother’s passing, finds solace with her Khala (Abeer’s mother). Maria Malik, a gifted actress at the age of 28, has been a part of various dramas, including “Fitna,” “Khubsurat,” and “Adhi Gawahi.”

Dil Hi Tou Hai Drama Cast: Maria Malik as Sabrina

Ali Ansari as Moeed

Ali Ansari is another prominent actor in the cast, playing the character of Moeed in “Dil Hi Tou Hai.” At the age of 36, Ali Ansari is a seasoned actor with several remarkable performances to his name, including dramas like “Samjhota” and “Rang Mahal.” His wife’s name is Saboor Aly.

Dil Hi Tou Hai Drama Cast: Ali Ansari as Moeed

Zoya Nasir as Abeera

Zoya Nasir plays the role of Abeera in the drama. Abeer is a complex character, facing numerous challenges due to her selfish behavior. Zoya Nasir, at the age of 32, made her mark in the showbiz industry in 2018 and has played leading roles in several hit dramas.

Dil Hi Tou Hai Drama Cast: Zoya Nasir as Abeera

Hammad Shoaib as Sarmad

Hammad Shoaib brings the character of Sarmad to life in “Dil Hi Tou Hai.” Sarmad is deeply in love with Sabrina and aspires to marry her. Hammad Shoaib, aged 32, entered the drama industry in 2018 and has recently garnered attention for his role in “Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi.”

Dil Hi Tou Hai Drama Cast: Hammad Shoaib as Sarmad

Janice Tessa as Shanzay

Janice Tessa plays Shanzay, Sabrina’s step-sister, in the dramatic love triangle that makes up the cast of “Dil Hi Tou Hai.” With her debut in the drama “Habs” alongside Ushna Shah and Feroze Khan, Janice Tessa has made a name for herself in the industry. She is 25 years old and resides in Karachi with her family.

Dil Hi Tou Hai Drama Cast: Janice Tessa as Shanzay

Danial Afzal Khan as Haroon

Danial Afzal Khan portrays Haroon in the drama. At 34 years old, he is an established actor in the industry, known for his work in dramas like “Fitna” alongside Maria Malik. He began his journey in the showbiz industry in 2015, often taking on supporting roles in hit dramas.

Actor Danial Afzal Khan as Haroon

Ayesha Toor as Shanzay’s Mother

Ayesha Toor skillfully plays the role of Shanzay’s mother. Her recent work includes the popular drama “Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi” alongside Dur e Fishan Saleem and Danish Taimoor. She can portray both positive and negative roles effortlessly. She is 35 years old and single.

Actress Ayesha Toor as Shanzay's Mother

Nida Mumtaz as Aneesa

Nida Mumtaz, a well-known actress, portrays the role of Ali Ansari’s mother in “Dil Hi Tou Hai.” Her acting skills shine through as the mother of several famous drama characters. She is 63 years old.

Actress Nida Mumtaz as Aneesa

Shaheen Khan as Abeer’s Mother

Shaheen Khan delivers an outstanding performance as Abeer’s mother in the drama. With her remarkable acting, she has portrayed the mother of the lead cast in many hit dramas. Shaheen Khan is 63 years old.

Actress Shaheen Khan as Abeer's Mother

Shahood Alvi as Khawar

Shahood Alvi has been cast as Khawar, the husband of Ayesha Toor and the father of Maria Malik, in the drama “Dil Hi Tou Hai”. At 50 years old, he has played supporting roles in several renowned dramas for his career.

Actor Shahood Alvi as Khawar

Semi Pasha as Sarmad’s Mother

Pakistani actress Semi Pasha takes on the role of Sarmad’s mother in the drama. At 64 years old, she is well-known for her graceful personality and has an impressive acting career. Semi Pasha’s husband’s name is Zia Pasha and she has two sons, Mustafa Shah and Ali Raz Shah.

Actress Semi Pasha as Sarmad's Mother

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