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Chahat Fateh Ali Khan: Biography, Real Name, Age, Family, Wife, Songs

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan is singer and social media influnecer from Pakistan. He is widely known for his songs from the popular Pakistani cricket league, PSL, as well as in other genres of music. Let’s take a look at the biography of Chahat Fateh Ali Khan to learn about his real name, age, family, brother, wife, and memorable songs.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Biography, Real Name, Age, Family, Wife, Songs

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Biography:

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan is a social media Influnecer and singer from Pakistan. His singing style and similarities to Rahat Fateh Ali Khan have made him popular. He gained a following by posting videos on his social media platforms during the lockdown period. He has performed at wedding functions due to his unique and soulful voice.

Chaht Fateh Ali Khan’s real name is Kashif Rana. Currently, he is 56 years old and is a minicab driver in London. Chahat was born in 1966 in Lahore, Pakistan.

Chahat also follows the traditions of renowned Pakistani singer Nusrat Ali Khan in hopes of being commensurate to his teacher. His fans adore him for his striking similarity to Nusrat and the unique interpretations of old and new songs alike.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan Age:

He was born in 1966 in Lahore, Pakistan. Currently, Chahat is 57 years old.

Social Media Handles:

Height, Weight & Physical Stats:

In terms of height, he is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 76 kilograms.

Family of Chahat Fateh Ali Khan:

Family of Chahat Fateh Ali Khan:

Chahat is married and lives in London with his wife and children. There is not much information about his family, such as his parents or siblings.

He is the Brother of?

Let’s keep him separate from the iconic Pakistani singers Nusrat and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who are known for their contributions to Qawwali music. Although Chahat shares the same surname as them, he has his own unique style and musical identity.

He looks like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan in this dress

Career Overview:

Chahat rose to fame after his anthem for the 8th edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL8) went viral on social media. His music blends traditional Pakistani music with a modern feel. His popular tracks such as “Mast Mast Sharabi”, “Tun Tuna Tun”, and “Pehli Wari Aj Ohno” showcase his ability to create catchy and upbeat compositions that resonate with his audience.

Ye Jo Piara PSL Hai ( released )

He serves as an example of how social media can create a platform for emerging artists. The soulful voice he possesses and his unique musical compositions have earned him an enormous following in Pakistan and beyond.

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