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Sahir Lodhi Recent Family Pictures with His Wife and Daughter

Sahir Lodhi is a popular TV host and actor from Pakistan. He is currently married to Somi Nizami Lodhi and the father of one daughter. Recently, Sahir Lodhi has been sharing some lovely family photos on his social media accounts.

Sahir Lodhi family pictures
Sahir Lodhi family pictures

Despite reaching 54 years of age in 2022, Sahir Lodhi appears to be a young man. Although many people consider Sahir Lodhi’s face to be similar to that of Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan. He seems to view them as his very little brothers.

The host, currently on a break from his duties, can be seen spending quality time with his wife and daughter in the pictures.

Sahir Lodhi and his wife take selfies in one of the pictures, while in another, the couple attends a family wedding together. Take a look!

A picture of his wife Somi Nizami Lodhi
Sahir Lodhi with his wife and daughter
In the photo, Somi Nizami Lodhi is holding her daughter
a family photo of Sahir Lodhi
In a family wedding photo, Sahir Lodhi and Somi Nizami are seen with their daughter

A few days ago, Sahir Lodhi shared a photo of himself with his sister, both of them looking adorable in the picture. In case you don’t know, Sahir Lodhi is Shaista Lodhi’s younger brother.

Sahir Lodhi with her beautiful sister Shaista Lodhi
Sahir Lodhi with his sister Shaista Lodhi

Sahir Lodhi is truly a family man who loves spending time with his wife and daughter. These recent photos are proof of that. It’s great to see that despite being a busy celebrity, Sahir makes time for his family. We hope to see more photos of the Lodhi family in the future!

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