Sadaf Kanwal Pregnancy News Speculated about by the Internet

Sadaf Kanwal pregnancy news makes her fans excited. She is set to welcome her first child. The actress, who tied the knot to Shehroz Sabzwari in May 2020, is over the moon. However, the actress and her husband have not confirmed the good news publicly. However, sources claim that Sadaf is five months pregnant and is on bed rest.

sadaf kanwal with her husband

It is no secret that Sadaf Kanwal is one of the biggest supermodels in Pakistan. Other than modeling, she is also making a name for herself in the drama and film industry. It is safe to say that Sadaf Kanwal is a very beautiful actress because she is capable of playing with the emotions of the fans in any role.

 Sadaf Kanwal Pregnancy Pics
 Sadaf Kanwal Pregnancy Pics
 Sadaf Kanwal Pregnancy Pics

In recent days, Sadaf Kanwal and Shahrooz Sabzwari attended a wedding. Netizens are speculating that there is some good news and they are expecting a child as they watched a video where Sadaf was sitting and enjoying the event. Watch the video below!

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