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Reality Show Tamasha Season 2 Cast & Contestants – ARY Digital

Last year, Ary Digital introduced Pakistan’s biggest reality show called Tamasha. Tamasha Season 1 quickly rose to great renown, following in the footsteps of international reality shows such as Big Brother and Big Boss. Now, Tamasha Season 2 has returned! It premiered on Ary Digital on 5 August 2023. Let us take a closer look at the cast and contestants of the Reality Show Tamasha Season 2.

Tamasha Season 2 hosts Adnan Siddiqui with his engaging presence. He opened up the show with an engaging introduction, setting the scene for all of the excitement ahead.

Reality Show Tamasha Season 2 Cast & Contestants - ARY Digital
Show Title:Tamasha (Season 2)
Genre:Reality Show
Channel Name:ARY Digital
Release Date:5 August 2023
Timing:Daily at 10:00 pm
Host by:Adnan Siddiqui

Tamasha Season 2 Cast & Contestants

Let’s now discuss the captivating cast and contestants competing for Tamasha Season 2. This season is full of talented individuals ready to unleash their individual abilities and entertain audiences with drama, emotions, and excitement.

Actress Aruba Mirza and Michelle Mumtaz are two contestants featured in Tamasha Season 2. Both have already made an impression in their respective fields and now wish to show their other skills as part of the Tamasha Season 2 competition. It will be exciting to witness their journey unfold over the course of subsequent episodes!

Another notable contestant is Natasha Ali. She has earned a reputation for her witty and entertaining acting abilities. She already boasts an immense following, which made headlines upon hearing of her participation in Tamasha Season 2.

Tamasha Season 2 showcases an exciting cast of talented dancers, actors, and comedians, giving aspiring artists a platform to display their skills and gain fame. Each contestant brings something different to the table making Tamasha an emotional rollercoaster ride of drama and entertainment! The full cast of Tamasha Season 2 consists of the following actors:

Junaid Jamshaid Niazi


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Zainab Raza

Zainab Raza

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Omer Shahzad


Neha Khan

Neha Khan

Ahmed Ali Akbar


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Hajra Yamin


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Ali Sikander

Ali Sikander

Amber Khan


Danish Maqsood

Danish Maqsood

Nida Firdous

Nida Firdous

Faizan Sheikh


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Natasha Ali


Adnan Hussain

Adnan Hussain

Aruba Mirza


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Rana Asif

Rana Asif

Michelle Mumtaz


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As a viewer, you can expect high-stake challenges, unexpected twists, and intense competitive spirit throughout Tamasha Season 2. The show will keep you hooked with its gripping content and larger-than-life personalities.

Tamasha Season 2 Cast- bringing you a whirlwind of emotions and experiences, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

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