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Unseen Family Pictures of Umar Akmal with Wife, Son, & Daughter


It’s no secret that Umar Akmal, one of Pakistan’s most famous cricketers, is a family man. Recently, the couple has spent much time together, both on and off the field. But rarely do we get a chance to get a glimpse of the entire Akmal clan.

 A picture of Umar Akmal in action during the cricket match scoring four runs

Today, we’ve got some exciting news for Akmal fans. We’ve got our hands on some unseen family pictures of Umar Akmal, Noor Amna, their son, and their daughter. The pictures are a heartwarming reminder of the immense love that the Akmal family shares.

I would like to mention that the wife of Umar Akmal is Noor Amna, who is the daughter of legendary Pakistan leg spinner Abdul Qadir. After getting married in 2014, the couple has three children, a daughter, and two sons.

A rare wedding picture of Umar Akmal and Noor Amna taken on their wedding day in 2014

Umar Akmal with his Beautiful Family – Pictures

As seen in these pictures, Umar Akmal and his wife Noor Amna are seen sharing a tender moment with their son. As well as the couple’s daughter, the girl also looks like the ideal image of innocence in the picture.

A beautiful picture of Umar Akmal and his family, including his wife, son, and daughter

The Umar Akmal family looks like they have a great time together, and it’s no surprise that Umar and Noor are so committed to making sure that their children are happy and healthy. Take a look!

The couple posed for a picture at the recent wedding of their family
The cricketer posed for a picture with his duaghter and son at a recent wedding
Noor Amna posed with her daughter and two sons at her daughter's birthday party
A cute picture of his kids watching a cricket match at the stadium
Umar Akmal and his wife celebrating Eid al-Fitr in their home
Umar Akmal and his wife take a selfie together at home

We hope that these pictures bring a smile to the face of all Akmal fans. Seeing the family so happy and content is surely a blessing to fans everywhere.

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