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Hajra Yamin Biography, Age, Family, Husband, & Drama List

Hajra Yamin is a multi-talented Pakistani actress and fashion model who has captured the hearts of many with her breathtaking beauty. Her career started in 2016 when she made her debut as a film actress. In 2018, she played a supporting role in the Pakistani movie Maan Jao Na, and later that same year, she landed her first lead role in the Pakistani film Pinky Memsaab. Let’s take a look at the full biography of Hajra Yamin and find out more about her.

Hajra Yamin Biography, Age, Family, Husband, & Drama List

Hajra Yamin Biography

Hajra is a Pakistani actress who has achieved remarkable success in a short span of time. Her talent and dedication have earned her a nomination for Best Actress at the Lux Style Awards early in her career. She made her debut on television with the popular drama serial Teri Raza, which aired on ARY Digital. Her first role was in a supporting capacity alongside Sanam Baloch and Sarmad Khoosat. Hajra’s acting prowess has established her as one of the most promising actresses in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Hajra Yamin Age

As of 2023, Hajra Yamin is 36 years old. She was born on July 19, 1994, in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Height and Weight

She has an ideal height of about 5 feet and 5 inches. Her weight is around 55 kg.

Physical Appearance

Hajra Yamin’s stunning curly hair perfectly complements her fair and glowing skin tone. Her bold and daring fashion choices have made her a fan favorite. With a penchant for Western clothing, Hajra is always dressed to impress.

Hajra Yamin physical appearance


She holds her master’s degree in Communications and Media Studies from the Fatima Jinnah Women’s University of Rawalpindi.

Marital Status

Hajra Yamin is not married yet.

Social Media Handle

Her Instagram handle is hajra_yamin.

Hanjra Yamin family

Hajra Yamin Family

She hails from a middle-class family and has harbored a passion for acting since she was a child. However, her family was not supportive of her aspirations. In a poignant interview with the late Asma Nabeel, she shared a heart-wrenching story about why she made the difficult decision to leave her home to pursue her dreams. We strongly recommend watching the video clip of her interview to hear her inspiring tale.

I Left my home to Chase my Dreams | Hajra Yamin Emotional Interview | Celeb City Official | AP1

Hajra Yamin’s Parents

Despite my best efforts, I could not find any information about Hajira Yamin’s parents. Unfortunately, her Instagram and Wikipedia pages do not provide any insight into the identity of her mother and father.

hajra yamin family

Showbiz Career

Hajra kickstarted her acting journey in 2011 by delving into theatre at the age of 24. After honing her craft, she took on her first role in a Pakistani film in 2017, where she played a supporting character. Throughout the years, she transitioned to the small screen and landed a supporting role in the drama serial Teri Raza. To date, Hajra has showcased her acting prowess in over fifteen dramas and three movies, amassing a sizable fan following along the way.

Hajra Yamin Biography

Hajra Yamin Drama List

  • Teri Raza
  • Bholi Bano
  • Tau Dil Ka Kia Hua
  • Kabhi Band Kabhi Baja
  • Tabeer
  • Ishq Na Kariyo Koi
  • Baandi
  • Choti Choti Batain
  • Naqab Zan
  • Ehd-e-Wafa
  • Aas
  • Sheher-e-Malal
  • Jalan
  • Mere Apne
  • Mohabbat Chor Di Maine

Movies List

Discover the complete filmography of Hajra Yamin here. Check out the titles below.

  • Maan Jao Naa
  • Pinky Memsaab

Unseen Pics of Hajra Yamin

Here are some exclusive photos of Hajra Yamin, a natural beauty that radiates both charm and elegance. Take a glimpse at the stunning pictures below.

Unseen Pics of Hajra Yamin
She looks stunning in a saree
She is seated on a chair wearing an open white dress
As she pens a flower in her living room
Unseen Pics of Hajra Yamin
Unseen Pics of Hajra Yamin
Unseen Pics of Hajra Yamin
Unseen Pics of Hajra Yamin

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