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Ayeza Khan Shares Fun Pictures with Turkish Chef Salt Bae

Ayeza Khan posted a fun picture of herself with Turkish chef Salt Bae on her Instgram. At the moment, she is taking time off from work and is vacationing in Turkey. As part of her family’s vacation, Ayeza Khan is traveling to Turkey with her two brothers Arham Khan and Wasif Khan.

She is one of the biggest stars in the Pakistan drama and fashion industry. As an actress, she is capable of playing any role and doing it perfectly. Ayeza has a way with each and everything, positive or negative, and always keeps things in perspective. She is currently on vacation in Turkey and taking time off work.

Her two brothers Arham Khan and Wasif Khan are going on vacation to Turkey with Ayeza Khan. She loves vacationing and sharing her adventures with her fans. Take a look at:

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