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Srha Asghar Becomes The Proud Mother of a Son Named Ehaan

It’s a moment of celebration and joy as the proud mother of a son, Srha Asghar, has just delivered a precious bundle of joy! Having just given birth to a little boy named Ehaan, this proud mother is beyond elated and extremely proud of her new family.

Srha Asghar Becomes The Proud Mother of a Son

It was just a few days ago that the actress celebrated her baby shower with her husband and family. Srha Asghar now has a son and many of her fans have taken to social media to congratulate her. She feels so loved and supported by everyone around her, and this is truly a special moment.

Srha Asghar, originally from Lahore, is a Pakistani fashion model and Tv actress. She married Lala Umar Murtaza in December 2020. As a first child, this is a blessing for both parents. It is unclear what the actress’s son’s name is.

The actress with her husband Lala Umar Murtaza

Srha Asghar’s son, who we are sure will grow up to be a charming and successful young man, was born on 27 November 2022 in a private hospital in Karachi. She received all the love and care she needed from her family and friends.

The proud mother of a son has expressed her gratitude and said, “Alhumdullilah, We have our little gem in our arms.”

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From the hospital, Srha Asghar shared the first picture of her son

We wish Srha Asghar, her son, her husband, and her family all joy, happiness, and success in their lives. Congratulations to Srha Asghar and her family on this special milestone in their lives!

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