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Shiza Khan Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Mother, Sister, Drama List


Actress & model Shiza Khan biography, age, height, weight, family, first husband, mother, father, sister, brother, and dama list. She has won the hearts of many with her effortless performances and charming personality. Let’s look at the biography of Shiza Khan and learn more about her life.

Shiza Khan Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Mother, Sister, Drama List

Actress Shiza Khan Biography

Shiza Khan is an emerging Pakistani actress and fashion model. She is known for her versatile acting skills and has earned the hearts of many with her performances. Currently, she plays Nurse Anjum in Tere Ane Say.

Shiza grew up in a middle-class family and always loved acting and modeling. She pursued her dreams and made a name for herself in the showbiz industry. She started her career as a model and transitioned into acting.

Shiza speaks three languages fluently, including English, Urdu, and Punjabi. Reading Urdu poetry is also one of her favorite activities.

Shiza Khan Biography

Actress Shiza Khan Age

Shiza is currently 24 years old.


Shiza Khan completed her early education in Karachi and then went on to pursue higher education.

Social Media Handles

Height, Weight & Physical Stats

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 55 kg. Her measurements are (will be updated soon), making her a perfect fit for the modeling industry. She takes great care of her body and follows a strict fitness routine to maintain her figure.

Shiza Khan Family

Shiza comes from a middle-class family and is very close to her parents and siblings. She often shares pictures with them on her social media handles and talks about how much they mean to her. Her family has always been supportive of her career choices and encouraged her to pursue her dreams.

Shiza Khan family

Actress Shiza Khan Husband

She is not married yet and is currently focusing on her career. She believes that marriage is a big commitment and wants to settle down when the time is right.

Showbiz Career

Shiza started her career as a model and then transitioned into acting. She made her acting debut in 2020 with the drama serial GT Road and received critical acclaim for her performance.

Drama List

The following is a list of all the dramas she has appeared in.

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