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Zainab Raza Biography, Age, Husband, Family, Grandfather, Parents, Sister

Zainab Raza is a Pakistani actress, model, and Instagram personality. She was born on August 21st, 2000 in California, United States. Explore all information regarding Model Zainab Raza biography such as age, husband, family, net worth, height & weight measurements as well as all her key achievements or accomplishments.


Zainab Raza Biography

Zainab Raza is a Pakistani up-and-coming multi-talent star. She has established herself as an actress, model, and Instagram influencer. She has captivating charm and skills having quickly garnered her recognition within the entertainment industry. Furthermore, she is the granddaughter of former Pakistani Chief of Army Staff (COAS) and former President Pervez Musharraf.

Model Zainab Raza is like anyone else; she has her own set of favorite items, habits, and beliefs that make her special. She embraces her nationality with pride while also remaining true to her Islamic faith.


Zainab Raza Age

Model and actress Zainab Raza is currently 23 years old. She celebrates her birthday every August 21. According to her birthdate, she is a Leo, a sign of confidence and warmth.


Zainab Raza is a graduate. She earned her early education in California.

Social Media Handle

Zainab Raza is active on social media platforms. Her Instagram handle is @zainabrj.

Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Zainab Raza height is 5 feet 3 inches and her weight of 51 kilograms. She has a slim body physique.

Zainab Raza Family

Zainab Raza lives in Pakistan but her family lives in California, United States. Her parents, Asim Raza and Ayla Musharraf are strong support systems for her. She has a sister Mariam Raza. Zainab Raza’s grandfather, Pervez Musharraf, was the former Pakistani Chief of Army Staff (COAS) and President of Pakistan, giving her a unique background.


Who is the Husband of Zainab Raza?

Zainab Raza is not married yet. She intends to pursue both her professional as well as her personal objectives.

Showbiz Career

Zainab Raza has made an impressive start in acting. As seen on “Tamasha Season 2” on ARY Digital, her diverse talent and versatility are apparent as well as her bold yet confident presence. As a model, Zainab Raza complements her acting career. Her combination of beauty and charisma has made her a sought-after face in the fashion world.

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