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Dananeer Mobeen Biography, Age, Family, Sister, Husband, Parents, Drama List


Nowadays, it’s easy to become popular. The only thing you need to do is upload a unique video to social media. The world will recognize you as a famous personality overnight. Among the recent examples of this is the girl who went viral last week on social media. Her short video clip “Ye Hamari Car Hai” became a social media sensation. So let’s dig deeper into the biography of Dananeer Mobeen.

ye hamari car hai viral girl

Dananeer Mobeen Biography:

Dananeer Mobeen is a Pakistani actress, fashion model, and social media influencer who rose to fame overnight after her #PawriHorahiHai video went viral. Furthermore, she has a YouTube channel and is influential on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

In 2020, Dananeer became an overnight sensation with her #PawriHorahiHai video. The video, which was posted on TikTok, featured Dananeer and her friends having fun in the snow, and the hashtag #PawriHorahiHai quickly became a viral sensation.

Her popularity spread across all social media platforms, not just in Pakistan, but abroad as well. The video was viewed more than 30 million times in a few days and stars such as Priyanka Chopra and Ranveer Singh shared it as well.

After the success of the video, Dananeer continued to appear in various campaigns and shows, including the drama serial Sinf-e-Aahan.

Dananeer Mobeen Biogeaphy:
Real Name:Dananeer Mobeen
Profession:Actress, Model
Age:She is 21 years old.
Birth Place:Islamabad
Date of Birth:December 27, 2001
Marital Status:Unmarried
Home Town:Islamabad
Height:He is 5’3″ tall
Weight:59 kilograms
Social Media Handle:Instagram

Dananeer Mobeen Age:

The actress was born on 27 December 2001, in Islamabad, Pakistan. Currently, Dananeer is 21 years old.


She completed her A-Levels a short while ago.

Height, Weight & Physical Stats:

In terms of her physical appearance, she has an average body type. In terms of height, she is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 59 kilograms.

Family of Dananeer Mobeen:

Dananeer Mobeen comes from a Pathan family. She lives in Islamabad with her parents and siblings. However, most of her tribe lives in the Charsadda and Peshawar Districts. There is a younger brother named Muhammad as well as an elder sister named Nafayal in the family.

A picture of Dananeer with her family and sister Nafayal

She is the daughter of Mobeen Ahmed Khan:

Dananeer’s father, Mobeen Ahmed Khan, is known for his good nature towards people and his professional ability as a businessman.

An image showing her and her father Mobeen Ahmed Khan

Her mother is Shama Khan:

The mother of this girl is Shama Khan, she works as a cabin crew for Emirates Airlines.

a beautiful picture of danadeer's mother
Father Name:Mobeen Ahmed Khan
Mother Name:Shama Khan
Sister Name:Nafayal
Brother Name:Muhammad

Among her Favorite Things is:

She loves fashion and loves experimenting with different styles. She loves dressing up in bright and bold colors and never shies away from making a statement with her outfits.

The actress loves playing with accessories, makeup, and hairstyles to create her own unique look. She also loves shopping for new clothes and accessories.

This image shows Dananeer at her home wearing makeup
This image illustrates Dananeer after wearing makeup

Aside from fashion, Dananeer is also a huge animal lover and loves to spend time with animals. She also loves spending time with her friends and family. She loves to travel and explore new places.

Dananeer Drama List:

The first drama of Dananeer Mobeen’s career is Sinf e Aahan starring several leading actresses from the Pakistani drama industry.

Unseen PICS of the actress!

She is clearly a gorgeous girl who loves to share her stunning photos with her fans and followers on her social media accounts several times a day. It doesn’t matter whether she is wearing western or eastern attire, she looks amazing in both. Taking a look at some stunning photos of the actress!

Here's a picture of a model wearing black jeans
Here's a picture of a model wearing brown saree
Here's a picture of a model wearing pink dress
Here's a picture of a model sporting the maroon wool jacket

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