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Sana Javed Looks Very Bold In Her Latest Photoshoot For a Clothing Brand


Sana Javed is a superb and talented Pakistani actress. She has been a part of the Pakistani drama industry for years. But she is known for her best performance in the drama serial Khaani with Feroze Khan. Sana Javed is one of those Pakistani actresses, who has the best dressing sense. Nevertheless, the recent photoshoot for a well-known clothing brand in which Sana Javed appears very bold in a red dress with a deep neckline has garnered severe criticism.


If we talk about her personal life, She is married. Her husband’s name is Umair Jaswal, a famous Pakistani singer. But they have no children yet. Most recently, she portrayed a negative character in the drama series Dunk. In the drama Dunk, she played a character who accused her college professor of sexual harassment.


Sana Javed has removed her Instagram pictures from her profile. The famous clothing brand Qalamkar, however, has regularly posted this photo shoot on its Instagram page.

A dress that Sana Javed was wearing had a way too deep neckline, which caught the attention of the public. The fact that she is wearing a red dress and looking so very beautiful is not in dispute. Nevertheless, since she married Umair Jaswal, she has also gained a lot of weight. Here you can see this bold photoshoot of Sana Javed.

Sana-jave-and-bilal-ashraf-featuring-in-kalamqar-photoshoot (5)
Sana-jave-and-bilal-ashraf-featuring-in-kalamqar-photoshoot (14)
Sana-jave-and-bilal-ashraf-featuring-in-kalamqar-photoshoot (3)
Sana-javed-and-bilal-ashraf-featuring-in-kalamqar-photoshoot (1)
Sana-javed-new-photoshoot-for-qalamkar (1)
Sana-javed-new-photoshoot-for-qalamkar (3)

Below are some screenshots of fans commenting on Sana Javed’s latest photoshoot. We’d love to hear what you think about her bold photos.

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