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Who Is Rabia Safeer? Sajal Aly act as Rabia Safeer In Sinf e Aahan

Drama Sinf e Aahan’s first teaser has captivated us all. The drama story revolves around six girls who believe that why can’t women wear both victory and glitter at the same time! But in today’s article, we will meet Rabia Safeer, a character of Sinf e Aahan. The actress Sajal Ali is playing the role of Rabia Safeer Pak army girl in the drama serial Sinf e Aahan.

Syra Yousaf, Kubra Khan, and Yumna Ziaidi on sets of Sinf e Aahan.

The teaser of the play shows beautiful shorts where Rabia Safeer is going through difficult stages of training. We are very excited to see the delicate actress Sajjal Ali in refreshing and heartbreaking scenes at the same time.

Rabia Safeer In Real Life

ARY Digital has released the first teaser of its upcoming drama Sinf e Aahan and introduced us to Rabia Safeer. Sajjal Ali aka Rabia belongs to a family that has been serving in the armed forces for years. But when Rabia insists on joining the armed forces, they refuse. Because they all believe that Rabia will not be able to complete the rigorous training of the military academy and will run away from there.

Rabia Safeer in Army Uniform

But at the time, Rabia speaks a dialogue, She said: “Marriage will happen if it is bound to happen, but I feel pitiful when I see that I am sitting at home despite being a topper in my department, while girls and boys who were not as competent are conquering the world.”

Rabia Safeer brother, Cap Daniyal s also an army officer.

Sajjal Ali will be seen in the role of Rabia Safeer in the drama Sinf e Aahan. But at the same time, we got to see glimpses of two new characters. One of them is Usman Mukhtar who is playing the role of Rabia’s brother. Cap Daniyal is appearing the role of an Armed Forces officer, and the other is Asim Azhar who loves Rabia.

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