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Ahsan Khan Family Pics with Wife, Daughter, Sons, and Siblings

Ahsan Khan is a notable Pakistani-British actor, producer, and host. He holds dual British and Pakistani citizenship. Ahsan is a rarity among celebrities who rarely talk about his family. His fans often wonder about the family members he has. Let’s meet them! In this post, we’ll find out who Ahsan Khan family members are, and what their names are.

Ahsan Khan Family:

Ahsan Khan Family:
Ahsan Khan Family:


Ahsan Khan comes from Pushtoon and Punjabi ancestry. One of his parents is Punjabi and the other is Pashtoon. He was born in London and his date of birth is 9th October 1981.

The childhood of Ahsan Khan
The Childhood of Ahsan Khan


Ahsan is not from an artistic family. He has five siblings, an elder brother, two elder sisters, as well as a twin brother. His identical twin brother, Yasir Khan, is averse to attention or any type of publicity. His family lived in London throughout most of his childhood until he was a teenager when they moved to Lahore.

Twin Brother Yasir Khan
Twin Brother Yasir Khan

As for Ahsan Khan, he lives in Karachi with his wife, sons, and daughter. He is very close to his child and spends most of his time with him. Sometimes you can see him cycling with his son to spend some time together. Here is everything we know about Ahsan Khan family members.

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Ahsan Khan Daughter and Sons:

He is a proud father to three beautiful children a daughter, and two sons. Ahsan Khan’s daughter’s name is Sukaina Khan, she is a lovely girl. His son’s name is Akbar Khan. However, there is no information available about his third child.

His Sons
His Daughter

Ahsan Khan’s Wife Fatima:

Ahsan Khan married his childhood sweetheart in 2008. His wife’s name is Fatima Khan. In several interviews, the actor speaks of his love marriage with Fatima Khan. He was her neighbor when they were growing up and they were family friends.

On a recent talk show, Ahsan says his wedding is about to complete 15 glorious years, but we have known each other since childhood. Fatima and Ahsan discussed everything about their relationship and revealed how they met.

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Ahsan Khan With his Wife
Ahsan Khan and Fatima Khan

According to Ahsan, we have been friends since the beginning of our grandparents and we used to play together. Then, as we grew up, we realized we were in love with each other.

In the interview, Fatima Khan shared a bit about her childhood. She revealed that when Ahsan’s kitten went missing, she took care of it and after returning it to Ahsan, she broke down and became emotional.

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In Ahsan’s words, I found her kind, innocent, and charming, and her humility particularly attractive. In addition, Fatima stated that they are very happy to be married and are not concerned about each other at the moment.

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