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Kirsten Teevens, Wife of Buddy Teevens, Wiki, Age, Kids, Biography

Since Buddy Teevens’ untimely passing, people have been searching for information about his life – including details on Kirsten Teevens as his wife and family life unfolds. In this article, we will dive deeper into Kirsten Teevens’ story and uncover more information about their family dynamics. Let’s discuss Kirsten Teevens, the wife of Buddy Teevens, in more detail. Buddy and Kristen are the parents of two children.

Who is Buddy Teevens Wife, Kirsten Teevens?
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Buddy Teevens held executive positions during his coaching career at several universities, such as the University of Maine (1985-1986), Tulane University (1992-1996) and Stanford University (2002-204). Unfortunately, Buddy tragically left us on September 19, 2023, because of injuries he sustained in an automobile accident.

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Who is Buddy Teevens Wife, Kirsten Teevens?

Kirsten Teevens, the wife of Buddy Teevens, resides in Hanover, New Hampshire, where she graduated from Lyons Township High School in 1980 and continued her education at DePauw University.

Buddy and Kirsten Teevens had an enduring marriage of over three decades, beginning when Buddy was a college football player, and Kirsten was a cheerleader at Ole Miss.

Soon after, they started dating, eventually getting engaged and marrying in 1985. Together, they experienced challenges but also celebrated victories along their journey together.

Kirsten and Buddy Teevens are the proud parents of two children: Eugene IV attended Coastal Carolina University, while Lindsay received his degree at the University of Florida (2008).

Currently, Lindsay Knittle (married to Matt Knittle) lives with their family in Hanover, NH, along with Jack Kittle (born 2017), while Buddy Teevens married McKeanna Teevens on August 1, 2014, who gave birth to Leila Teevens (born 2014) while Buddy married McKeanna Teevens on August 1, 2014. Together, their two children, Leila Teevens and Eugene.

How did Buddy Teevens Die?

Buddy Teevens tragically lost his life following a bicycle accident. On March 20, 2023, while he was cycling through St. Louis, a Ford F-150 pickup truck collided with him. This collision resulted in major injuries, including the loss of both his legs and severe spinal cord damage in St. Augustine, Florida. Despite the heroic efforts of doctors, Buddy never fully recovered from these injuries, and he passed away on September 19, 2023, as a result of these ailments.

How the Event Unfolded

In St. Augustine, Buddy Teevens and his wife Kirsten Teevens were returning from dining at a restaurant along a busy coastal road when they suffered their fateful accident.

Kirsten Teevens has been an unwavering source of support and love throughout Buddy Teevens’ life, always showing him kindness, patience, and resilience. However, while out riding together, his untimely passing was due to an unfortunate bicycle accident in St. Augustine, Florida. Our hearts go out to the Teevens family as they mourn this tragic loss.

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