Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir are Expecting Their First Child

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir are famous stars of our industry. Sarah Khan is a well-known tv actress, While Falak Shabir is a famous singer. As you know, they’re both married recently and living a happy life together. Falak Shabir loves his wife very much even he gifts fresh flowers to her every day.

Recently, Sarah and Falak were spotted in turkey. They were both on their honeymoon vacationing. This was their first trip since marriage, Of course, the couple must have enjoyed it a lot together.

But today, Falak Shabir shared the big news with his fans on Instagram. That the couple is expecting their first child. Falak shared an image of a pregnant girl in his Instagram story, who stands up with her husband. And He wrote in the caption “This is the beauty of a relationship! SubhanAllah”. So let’s have a look at the images.

falak shabir
sarah khan pregnant pics
sarah khan and falak shabir

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