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Discover Tamasha Ghar Season 2 Winner: Meet Aruba Mirza


Tamasha Ghar Season 2 Winner: Tamasha Ghar is an immensely popular Pakistani reality TV show featuring 14 contestants who compete against each other to complete various tasks and challenges in a secluded house. Actor and producer Adnan Siddiqui is the show host, providing them with mentorship and guidance in high drama, suspense, and entertainment. Last night, a grand finale episode revealed the Tamasha Season 2 winner to millions of viewers; let’s find out who is the winner of Tamasha Ghar Season 2 and learn more about her!

Tamasha Ghar Season 2 Winner

Tamasha Season 2 Winner

Aruba Mirza won the second season of Tamasha with a series of thrilling and challenging tasks against 13 other contestants. She received a prize in the final of 250000 PKR as a prize. Her amazing performance and personality won over millions of viewers with her charismatic personality, positive outlook, and impressive performance.

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Who is Aruba Mirza?

Aruba Mirza is a 29-year-old model and actress who hails from Karachi. She started her career as a fashion model and worked with many renowned brands. Aruba stepped onto the Pakistani entertainment scene in 2014. She appeared in the drama serial Behkay Kadam on Express Entertainment TV in 2014.

Grand finale moment: Aruba Mirza is the winner of Tamasha Ghar season 2

Meet Aruba Mirza Family, Her Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, and Her Fiance

Meet the Finalists of Tamasha Ghar Season 2

Aruba Mirza competed with three other finalists in the final week of the show. They were Faizan Sheikh, Omer Shahzad, and Junaid Niazi. As a result of the public votes, each of them was eliminated one by one.

Faizan Sheikh was the fourth runner-up, followed by Omer Shahzad as the third runner-up, and Junaid Niazi as the second runner-up. Aruba Mirza and Junaid Niazi competed in the grand finale, where Aruba Mirza emerged as the winner.

We congratulate Aruba Mirza on her outstanding achievement and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. Her beauty and talent aside, she is a strong, fearless woman who can achieve any goal and overcome any challenge. You have made us all proud!

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