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Take a Look at Areeba Habib Exclusive Mayun Event Pictures

Areeba Habib’s wedding festivities have started with a simple Mayun ceremony last night in Karachi. After having a short engagement period, the actress chose to have a simple and traditional way to get married. Areeba has chosen a traditional yellow dress to wear at her mayun ceremony! If you want to know about Areeba Habib’s husband? read Saadain Imran Biography here.

Areeba is one of the most popular models in Pakistan. She has been active in the entertainment industry for quite some time now. She began her career in 2014 as a model when she was just 21 years old. Areeba has appeared in various TV series and advertisements since then, including one very memorable role in Jalan with Minal Khan.

At Areeba Habib’s mayun ceremony, a number of celebrities were present. Apart from the couple, actress Sana Fakhar, Zalay Sarhadi, Shafaat Ali, Misbah Mumtaz, and many others took to their social media accounts to share a few pictures from the ceremony.

Well, we wish Areeba Habib and Saadain Imran a very happy married life. See these rare pictures of Areeba Habib’s ‘over-the-top’ mayun ceremony:

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