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Mein Drama: Story, Timing, Episode, Release Date – ARY Digital


Mein is a new romantic drama serial on ARY Digital. The story revolves around the life of a girl Mubashira Jaffar. The stellar cast, led by the talented actress Ayeza Khan and actor Wahaj Ali, brings the narrative to life with their exceptional performances. Discover the interesting facts about the drama Mein, exploring its story, timing, and its release date.

Mein Drama: Story, Timing, Episode, and Release Date - ARY Digital

Mein Drama Crew Details

Talented Zanjabeel Asim Shah writes the captivating story of ‘Mein’, while Badar Mehmood directs the drama under the banner of Bing Bang Entertainments.

Mein Drama Story

“Mein” is a story about two strong-minded people who meet because they have trouble with love and face family and societal pressure.

Wahaj Ali plays Zaid, a rich man’s son who wants his father’s approval in everything. Ayeza Khan is Mubashira, a stubborn and spoiled daughter who learns a tough lesson after a bad decision.

Drama Timing:

Pakistani drama serial Mein airs every Monday at 8:00 p.m.

Release Date:

The first episode of the drama will air on 7th August 2023.

Where to Watch:

Watch “Mein” on the ARY Digital channel or conveniently on YouTube.

Meet the Full Cast of Mein

What is the number of episodes in Mein?

The number of episodes will be announced soon.

Who are the actors in the Mein Pakistani serial?

In Mein, Ayeza Khan and Wahaj Ali play the lead roles.

What is Mein’s director’s name?

The director of the ‘Mein’ is Badar Mehmood.

Who is Ayeza Khan’s Brother in Mein?

Nameer Khan plays Ayeza Khan’s younger brother in Mein.

What is the Age of actor Wahaj Ali?

As of 2023, Wahaj Ali will be 34 years old.

Who portrays Rayyan in Mein?

The real name of Rayyan in the drama Mein is Nameer Khan.

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