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Iqra Aziz Shows Off Her Legs, Raises Heat with her Recent Pictures

Iqra Aziz shows off her legs in her recent pictures, raising the level of excitement. She is one of the best actresses in the Pakistan drama industry. Over the course of her career, she has provided plenty of entertainment.

Most recently, she posted beautiful pictures on her Instagram account. A pink mini dress reveals her stunning legs as she poses. There is no doubt that she looked quite radiant and elegant in a pink floral minidress.

Iqra Aziz with her Husband

She is not only an outstanding actress but also a wonderful mother. Many times she gets in trouble for wearing bold attire, and now she’s in trouble again. She has a lot of fans who disagree with the images she recently uploaded, where Iqra Aziz shows off her legs wearing a mini outfit.

There are some of her fans who are liking her new photos, even though many of her followers are upset about them. They’re telling her not to wear this dress since she’s a Muslim woman. These are some of the new pictures of Iqra Aziz, Have a look!

Iqra Aziz Shows Off Her Legs
Iqra Aziz Shows Off Her Legs

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Iqra Aziz Shows Off Her Legs
Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain

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4 thoughts on “Iqra Aziz Shows Off Her Legs, Raises Heat with her Recent Pictures”

  1. She can do whatever she likes in her personal life. However she must consider before posing that many young girls follow her and may also opt for similar dress.
    This is not even according to our culture, outside showbiz, what about religious guidelines for dressing, both for males and females.
    Similarly the media must have self imposed restrictions to remain within our cultural norms.
    Hope the best for all.

    • No she can’t do whatever she like its not matter of culture its prohibited in our islam so a Muslim women must stay in her limits.

  2. Iqra don’t forget you are a Muslim girl why are you wearing this dress you have a very innocent look . please please I’m your well-wisher beta life is very short BE A MUSLIM LOOK LIKE A MUSLIM

  3. This was not acceptable couple of decade ago so why is it acceptable now ? People follow social media so the huge responsibility lies on them , we all are answerable to Allah ( SWT ) , may Allah guide us all .


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