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Yasra Rizvi Shares The Pictures of Her Newborn Son Ibn-E-Adam


Yasra Rizvi is a famous Pakistani actress and scriptwriter. Recently, she blessed with a baby boy. And here you can see the stunning pictures of Yasra Rizvi son. Yasra Rizvi is a brilliant actress and the wife of Abdul Hadi. Both tied the knot in December 2016. But the two-faced a lot of criticism because of this marriage. There was a big difference in the ages of the two. Yasra Rizvi is 10 yars older than Abdul Hadi in age. But they are both living their married life perfectly.

Yasra Rizvi

After 5 years of their wedding, Both become parents of their first child. ALLAH Almighty has blessed them both with a son. Yasra Rizvi son name is Ibn E Adam, who is a very cute baby. All the actors of the Pakistan showbiz industry have sent congratulatory messages to the couple. At the same time, all his fans sent him congratulatory messages. Recently, Yasra Rizvi posted the first picture of her son on Instagram. She announced the good news with her fans and co-stars and wrote on her Instagram post, Ibn e Adam! You my love are the son of Adam .. being human is your only introduction, and serving fellow beings is your only purpose .. Rest just details. Have a great life!

Yasra Rizvi with her husband and Son

In the pictures, it can be seen that she is holding her son in her arms. Both mother and son are well. Yasra Rizvi has also revealed the time and date of her son’s birth in her Instagram post. She said she gave birth to a son on May 22 at 9:50 a.m. Let’s take a look at Ysra Rizvi son pictures below.

Yasra Rizvi Son (2)
yasra rizvi son ibn e adam
Abdul Hadi with his son Ibn e Adam
Yasra rizvi son name is ibn e Adam
Yasra Rizvi Son picture
Yasra Rizvi pregnancy pictures

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