Fiza Khawar Wedding | Meet Her In-Laws

After the Fiza Khawar Wedding, You will meet her in-law? So, read this page, I will meet you with her husband, and his super gorgeous sisters.

Naimal Khawar is one of the most beautiful and talented Pakistani actresses. Of course, She has acted in only a few dramas, but she has got a lot of love from her fans. But before she could work on more projects, she tied the knot with Hamza Ali Abbasi and quit acting.

Gorgeous actress Nemal Khawar has two sisters. Among them, Rabia Khawar is the elder sister. She is living her life happily with her husband and children after marriage. While Naimal’s younger sister Fiza Khawar is got married to Abdullah Khan tomorrow. Fiza Khawar and Abdullah Khan’s Nikkah took place in February 2020. But their wedding ceremony is held on the 22nd of December 2020.


Fiza Khawar’s husband Abdullah Khan is a financial consultant and graduated from London, UK. Abdullah Khan belongs to a Pathan family. That’s why they look so beautiful. On the other hand, if we talk about his family, his sisters are also very beautiful. Abdullah has two sisters. One of them, the name is Aqsa Khan, and the other name is Shezrey Khan. And Abdullah Khan lives in the UK with his elder sister Shezray Khan, But the rest of his family lives in Lahore. The other sister, Aqsa Khan, lives in Dubai for her work.

Fiza Khawar Wedding Pictures

fiza khawar wedding photos
fiza khawar wedding pics
aqsa khan at fiza khawar wedding
on her brother wedding day

In today’s article, I will share with you the Beautiful Pictures of Fiza Khawar’s sister In-Law Aqsa Khan. Who lives in Dubai. Aqsa Khan is a beautiful girl. She belongs to a Pathan family. That’s the reason, she looks more beautiful.

Let’s take a look at, Fiza’s sister-in-law Aqsa Khan’s pictures.

she loves blue
amazing look
asqa khan wiht her sister
fiza khan sister in law
aqsa khan enjoing vacations in duabi
Aqsa khan looks beautiful in this outfit
with friends
aksa khan 7
aksa khan 3
aksa khan 1

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