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Komal Meer Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Siblings, Dramas

Komal Meer is a beautiful Pakistani actress. She started her career as a fashion model in 2017. Later, She participated in the reality show called Miss Veet Pakistan. She did not win the grand Finlay but she was loved countless. Because she is one of the youngest contestants of Miss Veet at that time. Here we have the full biography of Komal Meer. In which, we have shared all information about her career and lifestyle.

Komal Meer

Her nickname is Ko-Ko and her full name is Komal Sajid Meer, but she is famous for her stage name Komal Meer. She did her first performance in the drama Log Kya Kahenge. But she earned huge popularity by working in the drama serial Ehd-e-Wafa. In which she played the role of the younger sister of Ahad Raza Mir. Most recently, Komal has appeared in the drama Qurbatain with Anmol Baloch and Shahbaz Shigri.

Komal Meer Biography

Komal Meer Biography:

To begin the biography of Komal Meer, I would like to tell you one thing about her. Komal started her show business career when she was 19. She is one of those Pakistani celebrities who have gained a lot of popularity quite quickly. She worked extremely hard to establish herself as a successful actress in the drama industry.

Currently, Komal Meer is one of the most prominent actresses in Pakistan. Her favorite pastimes include cooking, reading, and traveling. We will explore more interesting facts about Komal Meer in the sections below.

Komal Meer Age:

She was born on 17 June 1998 in Islamabad, Pakistan. She is 24 years old as of 2022.

She is Celebrating her Birthday

Height and Weight:

She is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. Her weight is 48 kg.


She is doing an LLB, she wants to become a lawyer.

Social Media Handles:

Her Instagram handle is KomallMeer, Where she has more than 340k followers.

Komal Meer’s Family:

Komal Meer comes from a middle-class family in Islamabad. Having a strict nature, Komal’s father did not want her to work in showbiz or modeling. Her mother, however, is a kind woman who paved the way for her to work in showbiz. During her first audition, her mother went along with her. Moreover, she is the only daughter of her parents and has three younger brothers.

Biography of Komal Meer


She has no sister. Komal is the only daughter of her parents.


Komal Meer is not married yet.

Komal Meer Dramas:

Her recent drama is Qalandar which aired on Geo TV. But most recently, She has appeared in the drama serial Wafa Be Mol that aired on Hum TV.


Komal Meer is one of those actors who suddenly and accidentally became an actor at a very young age. Even though she comes from a non-showbiz family. Still, she has become an actress who has won millions of hearts.

On the Set of Upcoming Drama Serial Benaam.
Old days picutre

In terms of education, Komal Meer was a bit weak. A few days away from her exam results, she was terrified she would fail. As a result of her anxiety, she traveled with her friends from Islamabad to Karachi where she applied for the Miss Veet Pakistan competition. Komal Meer shared her full story in the interview below, so you can find out what happened next.

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  1. Komal, your acting is simply superb and heart blowing. May the Almighty bless you with more and more success. Keep Allah always in your heart. He is the only One Who has given you such talent, adorned you with such beauty, figure and capability , and brightened your career such adoration of viewers.
    Zillions of thanks.

  2. I am agree with prof. Md Neamat Ullah comments. She has attracting face so I gave her number one beautiful celebrity. I dont think Mahira is beautiful than komal.


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