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Saboor Aly Stuns Fans By Wearing Saree At Minal Khan’s Mayun Ceremony

Saboor Aly is a famous Pakistani actress. She has been a part of the Pakistan drama industry for a long time. She has appeared in many dramas including Fitrat, Ishq Mein Kaafir, and Tum Ho Wajah. These days, she is coming in the drama serial Parizaad as Saima. Saboor has also appeared in photoshoots for many big brands. She is a good actress and she has proved this by showing her best performance in many of her projects.


Saboor is also the sister of well-known Pakistani actress Sajal Aly. If both sisters are seen together, Sajal Aly looks much more beautiful and decent than Saboor Aly. But many of her fans have a slightly different opinion about him.


Of course, Saboor Aly is a beautiful and young actress, but in terms of clothing, her tastes are a little different. She always likes to wear bold clothes. Which she also faces a lot of criticism from fans. On the other hand, She has an open and broad mind that does not mind the words of her fans at all. It’s as if she’s giving her fans a chance to be fully entertained.


As you know, actress Minal Khan’s wedding is gaining a lot of attention on social media these days. Some of the biggest actresses of Pakistan Showbiz joined in this glorious event. While Saboor Ali attended Minal Khan’s mayun with her future husband Ali Ansari. She was wearing a brightly colored saree and looked so cute. But as always today, She is still being criticized by the fans for her clothing sense. Let’s take a look at it below.


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