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Who is Farheen Ishtiaq Naqvi? Meet The real-life lady of Drama Bakhtawar


I would like to introduce to you Farheen Ishtiaq Naqvi. In the drama serial Bakhtawar, the story unfolds based on the real-life experiences of Farheen Ishtiaq Naqvi, who is played by Yumna Zaidi.

In just a few episodes, Bakhtawar becomes a popular drama serial. Yumna Zaidi’s performance as the character she plays is enchanting the audience with every episode. She delivers a brilliant performance on the show, and the internet is in awe. As a result of her strong character, she brought tears to the audience’s eyes and laughter to their hearts. Now let’s explore who real-life Bakhtawar is and who she looks like.

Who is Farheen Ishtiaq Naqvi?

The drama serial Bakhtawar is a story of love, ambition, and betrayal. It is based on the true story of Farheen Ishtiaq Naqvi, a strong and courageous woman who lives in Lahore and lived like a man for many years to feed her daughter.

Who is Farheen Ishtiaq Naqvi?

Farheen Ishtiaq Naqvi Biography:

Farheen was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan. Throughout her early years, she worked in a variety of companies including Domino’s and Uber, as well as other companies in her area of interest. As a mother, she gives hope to her daughter.

Her aim was to provide for her daughter in an environment that was patriarchal by starting a small business at Anarkali Bazaar. Farheen continues to lead a life of hardship despite all the difficulties.

Farheen Ishtiaq Naqvi Biography:

The Real-Life Story of Farheen Ishtaq Naqvi

The marriage of Farheen Ishtaq Naqvi took place 23 years ago. She was the mother of a girl when her husband left her after two years of marriage. As a result, Farheen was unable to care for her daughter.

Then, Farheen Ishtaq Naqvi felt harassed to the point that she decided to change her identity and become a male. Initially, she worked in a retail store. Over the years, she worked hard to earn money and opened her own business in Anarkali Bazar Lahore.

Approximately one year ago, Farheen had to travel to Karachi for a personal reason. There was a friend of hers who she looked up to like a brother, and she decided to hand over the shop to him. After she returned to her shop, she was surprised to find out that her friend had taken over the business.

The Real Life Story of Farheen Ishtaq Naqvi

Over the course of her life, she has faced many challenges. She also became an Uber Bike rider as a means of income to provide milk for her daughter.

Here’s What Farheen Says:

Currently, she supports her 11-year-old daughter as well as her family. Her only source of income is her car, which has broken down. It is therefore imperative that Pakistanis step up and assist such a brave woman during this difficult time. As Farheen puts it:

Farheen’s story is an inspiring one. She overcame great obstacles to achieve her dreams. She is an intelligent and ambitious young woman. Yumna Zaidi plays the real-life character of Farheen in the drama serial Bakhtawar.

Hopefully, this information will reach people who can help Farheen get through this tough time. Let’s work together to help Farheen.

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