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Shahbaz Taseer Biography, Age, Wife, Business, & Net Worth

Shahbaz Taseer is a famous personality in Pakistan. He is a businessman and son of the former Punjab Governor Salman Taseer. Here we have gathered a lot of information about Shahbaz Taseer. If you want to know about his age, net worth, wife, business, and family. Check out Shahbaz Taseer biography till the end.

Shahbaz Taseer’s family is one of the richest families in Pakistan. That is why, In August 2011, He was kidnapped at the age of 28 by militants in Lahore while he was going to his office from home. He was imprisoned by the militants for about four and a half years then released in 2015.

shahbaz taseer biography

Shahbaz Taseer Biography

Here we have collected complete information about Shahbaz Taseer from his personal and professional life. So read Shahbaz Taseer biography and some interesting facts that you should know.


He was born in 1983 in Lahore, Pakistan. As of 2023, He has turned 40 years old.

Height and Weight

He has a typical height is about 5 feet and 7 inches. And his weight is about 70 kg.

Shahbaz Taseer Net Worth

After the death of his father Salman Taseer, he is running his own family business. While some of his companies are being managed by his brother Shehryar. Taseer family is one of the wealthiest Pakistani families. According to Wikipedia, the Taseer family’s net worth is more than 97 billion Pakistani rupees.

Social Media Handle

Shahbaz Taseer uses the only Twitter account. Where he has more than 56.3k followers worldwide. His Twitter handle is @ShahbazTaseer.


He belongs to a wealthy family, who lives in Lahore, Pakistan. His father was a political leader, In addition, his father had been the governor of the Punjab province of Pakistan. While his mother is the chairperson of an investment management company. Shahbaz Taseer has two siblings, a sister, and a brother.


Shahbaz Taseer’s father’s name was Salman Taseer, who died in the year 2011. His father was the 26th Governor of Punjab.

shahbaz taseer with his father salman taseer


Shahbaz Taseer,s mother name is Aamna Taseer. She is a very intelligent woman and has a stunning personality. Aamna Taseer is the chairperson of an investment management company in Lahore.

Aamna Taseer
shahbaz taseer with his mother Aamna Taseer and brother


His sister name is Shehrbano Taseer. She is a journalist by profession. Shehrbano Taseer started her married life by marrying Amin Ellahi Shaikh in 2015.

Shehrbano Taseer
shahbaz taseer sister Shehrbano Taseer


He has only one brother. Shabaz Taseer’s brother’s name is Shehryar Taseer.

shahbaz taseer brother Shehryar Taseer

Shahbaz Taseer Wives

He has married twice in real life. Shahbaz Taseer’s first wife’s name was Maheen Ghani. His second wife’s name is Neha Rajpoot. Both wives of Shahbaz Taseer are very adorable.

Shahbaz Taseer And Maheen Ghani

Shahbaz Taseer and Maheen Ghani started their married life in 2010. But they parted away after their 9 years of marriage in 2019. Maheen Ghani is the owner of a fashion brand named Maheen Ghani Trends. Besides, She has a daughter, who lives with him after they separated.

Shahbaz Taseer And Maheen Ghani
Maheen Ghani

Neha Rajpoot And Shahbaz Taseer

In September 2021, Shahbaz Taseer got married to Neha Rajpoot. His 2nd wife is a fashion model and an actress, who works in Pakistani dramas. If you want to know about his 2nd wife’s age, family, height, and weight? So read this article “Neha Rajpoot Biography” here. Otherwise, we have some Neha Rajpoot and Shahbaz Taseer’s wedding pictures from the marriage ceremony. Have a look at them below.

shahbaz taseer 2nd wife neha rajpoot
Neha Rajpoot And Shahbaz Taseer
Neha Rajpoot And Shahbaz Taseer on theri wedding day
neha rajpoot mayun look

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