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Aiman Khan Got Angry with Her Fan Girl

Why Aiman Khan got angry with her fangirl? Even a few months ago, Aiman Khan was very angry with his fans. Because one of them had leaked pictures of Aiman Khan’s baby shower. And today, once again, Aiman Khan got angry with her fangirl.

Celebrities from the showbiz industry use social media sites to inform their fans about their daily lives. Aiman Khan is also a big name in the Pakistani showbiz industry. Unlike other actresses, she has the highest number of followers on Instagram.

Aiman is number one in Pakistan with 7 million Instagram fans following. And the number of her fans is increasing day by day. In an interview, Aiman said, that she handles her own social media accounts. She did not resort to any team for this. She is very active on her Instagram account. And keep her fans updated from time to time.

As you all know there are all kinds of people on social media. Some of which motivate you and pray for further progress. There are some people who are jealous of your achievements and do not shy away from criticizing your personality in front of everyone.

Today Aiman Khan also faced a similar situation. Aiman Khan is in Swat Valley with his family these days. And they are doing well. She also shares photos of her trip with her fans on her Instagram account. Yesterday, Aiman Khan also shared the latest photo of herself with everyone. Which her fans loved immensely. But one of them, a girl named Alaya Jang, severely criticized Aiman Khan. Addressing Aiman Khan in his comment, Alaya Jang said,

Girl ! do something for your short height.

This way of addressing Alaya Jang in this way was very contemptible. Aiman Khan was probably not in the habit of speaking or listening in such a manner. So Aiman replied with an arrow of satire. Aiman said,

Send me some tips in a short height. Of course, your mother will know all the tips.

After Aiman’s harsh response, the girl named Alaya Jang disappeared.


Watch the video below Aiman Khan got angry with her fan

Aiman Khan Got Angry on Fans Reactions

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