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Komal Aziz Khan Vacationing With Her Friends In USA


Komal Aziz Khan known as Komal Aziz is a very cute and talented Pakistani actress. She has been a part of our entertainment industry since 2015. Komal has appeared in many dramas and fashion shoots. Her famous dramas include Ishq-e-Benaam, Bharosa Pyar Tera, Bisaat-e-Dil, and Raaz e Ulfat. In the drama serial Ishq-e-Benaam, she seemed in the role of Areeba ( Kesar’s 2nd wife). She proved that she is a wonderful actress, who has impressed everyone with her incredible acting skills. Most recently, She appeared in the drama serial Mohlat as Navera.

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Komal Aziz Khan has admitted in her many interviews that she belongs to a middle-class family. Besides, She also admitted that she was suspended from university for three years after she was caught cheating. After that, she completed her undergraduate degree in Business and Economics from the USA.

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But in today’s article, We will see Komal Aziz Khan’s latest pictures with her old friends. Recently, She took to Instagram and shared her new pictures starring her old friends. Komal has not shared further information about her friends. Here I have collected Komal Aziz Khan new pictures with her friends. Have a look at it below.

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