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Cricketer Mohammad Nawaz Wedding Pictures with His Wife Izdihaar

We all know that Mohammad Nawaz is a Pakistani cricketer, but did you know that he is also a husband? Check out these wedding pictures of Mohammad Nawaz with his beautiful wife Izdihaar.

Pakistani Cricketer Mohammad Nawaz

Mohammad Nawaz is a rising star in the Pakistani cricket team. He is currently part of the Asia Cup 2022 squad. His test debut came in 2016 against West Indies.

Mohammad Nawaz married Izdihaar in back 2018 and captured some breathtaking wedding pictures of their day. The two have a beautiful baby girl together.

Cricketer Mohammad Nawaz

It is believed that the wife of Mohammad Nawaz, Izdihaar Nawaz, was from Saudi Arabia, although she lived in South Africa at the time of her marriage to him.

Muhammad Nawaz and Izdihaar married in South Africa after five years of engagement. The wedding was a beautiful affair, and the pictures are a testament to that.

Here’s Mohammad Nawaz and his Wife on their Wedding Day!

Izdihaar Nawaz was a vision of beauty on the day of her wedding, and she looked stunning.

It was a white dress and she looked as beautiful as a princess. Mohammad Nawaz looked dapper in a blue dress and the couple made for a stunning picture. Have a look at the wedding pictures of the happy couple!

Cricketer Mohammad Nawaz With his Wife
Izdihaar Nawaz
Cricketer Mohammad Nawaz and Izdihaar Nawaz
Both looks beautiful
The couple arrives for the wedding ceremony
In the picture, Mohammad Nawaz (left) and Izdihaar Nawaz (right) eat cake together
It is a moment of awe for the couple as they exchange their vows
Cricketer Mohammad Nawaz wife Izdihaar Nawaz

The wedding was a simple affair but it was beautiful nonetheless. We wish Mohammad Nawaz and his lovely wife all the happiness in the world.

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