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Alyzeh Gabol and Malik Zoraiz are Expecting their first Child Soon

Alyzeh Gabol and Malik Zoraiz are expecting their first child together. The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in Karachi. Malik Zoraiz announced this joyous news on his Instagram story that read, “We are expecting a child very soon.”

Model Alyzeh Gabol

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In addition, Zoraiz expressed his complaints to his mother, informing her that he should bear the blame for the failure of the marriage. Moreover, he decried the bullying that his wife, Alyzeh, has been subjected to. We are attaching a copy of his posting.

Screenshot of Instagram story

The couple has not yet announced when the baby is due, but they are clearly excited about the news. The couple is expecting their child and this will be the first child for both.

Alyzeh Gabol and Malik Zoraiz

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Alyzeh Gabol and Malik Zoraiz have been married for just over two years, but have known each other for much longer. Alyzeh is a beautiful model and actress, who has appeared in Pakistani films and television shows. While Malik Zoraiz is a businessman by profession. He is also the grandson of business tycoon Malik Riaz.

Alyzeh Gabol and Malik Zoraiz

The couple’s unborn child will no doubt be a stylish Dresser, with a wardrobe full of fashionable clothes from their parents’ label. This lovely family has a bright future ahead of them!

Alyzeh Gabol and Malik Zoraiz

It is well known that Alyzeh and Zoraiz are both married to each other for the second time and both have children from previous marriages. According to reports, Alyzeh is the mother of a daughter and Zoraiz is the father of a son.

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