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Hina Altaf’s Father Has Passed Away

There is sad news from Pakistani actress Hina Altaf’s home today. She shared the sad news of her father’s passing on her Instagram story, writing, “the most strong person I have ever known In my life, my father has passed away, please pray for him”.

Hina Altaf is mourning the loss of her father who passed away today, on 22 January 2022. A few hours ago, the actress took to Instagram to confirm that her father had passed away. Upon hearing the news that Hina Altaf’s father passed away, her fans prayed for her.

A photo of actress Hina Altaf.

Hina Altaf did not post any pictures of her family and father on social media. But here is one picture of her father from her wedding ceremony. The relationship between Hina Altaf and her father used to be close, and she also told in an interview that her father used to tell her that Hina was like a son. Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of the actress. We also pray for Hina Altaf and her late father during this difficult time.

HIna Altaf Father Passed Away
A rare photo of actress Hina Altaf with her father.
HIna Altaf Father Passed Away.

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