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Mein Drama Cast: Name & Picture – ARY Digital


Mein is a new romantic drama serial on ARY Digital TV. The drama story is about a girl named Mubashira Jaffar. She is very rude in nature. She meets a boy named Zaid who is very different from her. Their lives take a strange turn after they become friends. The first episode of the drama was released on 7th August 2023. Let’s look at the cast of “Mein” and a little bit about their characters.


Mein Drama Cast: Name and Picture

The main actors in “Mein” are Ayeza Khan, Wahaj Ali, Azekah Daniel, and Aijaz Aslam. Wahaj Ali recently acted in popular drama series like “Tere Bin” and “Mujhe Pyar Huva Tha.” Now, he’s playing a leading role alongside stunning Ayeza Khan. The full drama cast of “Mein” includes the following actors:

Ayeza Khan as Mubashira Jaffar

Ayeza Khan is a popular Pakistani actress. She appears in the Mein drama as Mubashira Jaffar. She is married. Her husband’s name is Danish Taimoor. She has two kids, a daughter Hoorain Taimoor, and a son Rayan Taimoor.


Wahaj Ali as Zaid

Wahaj Ali is a handsome Pakistani actor. He is married and his wife’s name is Sana Farooq. They are parents to a daughter named Amirah. Wahaj enjoys life with his family and work. He is well-known for his role in the drama serial Tere Bin.


Aijaz Aslam as Ayra’s Brother

In the cast of Mein, Aijaz Aslam performs the character of Ayra’s Brother. Currently, he is happily married and resides in Karachi with his loved ones. At the age of 50, he embarked on his journey in the world of Pakistani television dramas back in 2009. His wife’s name is Sabeen Aijazz. He is a father to two kids.


Nameer Khan as Rayyan

Nameer Khan portrayed the character of Rayyan Jaffar, also known as RJ, in the television series “Mein.” In the drama, Rayyan is the sibling of Musbahir. Nameer Khan is an emerging talent within the Pakistani entertainment industry. He began his professional career as a model.

Actor Nameer Khan as Rayyan

Azekah Daniel as Ayra

Azekah Daniel is a beautiful Pakistani drama actress. She plays the role of Ayra in Mein, in which Ayra is the girlfriend of Zaid and is of a middle-class background. At the age of 27, Azekah remains unmarried. Some of her notable television successes include “Hasrat” and “Malaal e Yaar.”

Azekah Daniel as Ayra

Sabeena Syed as Kashmala

Sabeena Syed, a renowned model and actress, portrayed the character of Kashmala, Zaid’s sister, in the drama Mein. At the age of 26, Sabeena has a remarkable career in the entertainment industry. In real life, she shares a close friendship with actress Hania Aamir and frequently shares endearing pictures of their moments together.

Sabeena Syed as Kashmala

Shahzad Nawaz as Zaid’s Father

Shahzad Nawaz appears as the character of Zaid’s father. He is a renowned Pakistani filmmaker, producer, and actor. Shahzad Nawaz hails from Karachi and is currently 43 years old. In addition to his contributions to the entertainment industry, he possesses a remarkable skill set as a graphic designer.

Shahzad Nawaz as Zaid’s Father

Shiza Khan as Hina

Shiza Khan is also the part of Mein drama cast. She delivers a remarkable performance as Hina in the drama. In the storyline, Hina appears as Mubashira Jaffar’s closest friend.

Actress Shiza Khan as Hina

Usman Peerzada as Jaffar

Usman Peerzada is a renowned actor hailing from Pakistan. He plays the role of Mubashira Jaffar’s father in Mein. Currently 72 years of age, he embarked on his showbiz journey back in 1974.

Usman Peerzada as Jaffar

Aleezay Rasul as Ayra’s Bhabi

Aleezay Rasul is a renowned Pakistani actress in the world of television dramas. In the cast of Mein, she appears as Ayra’s sister-in-law. Hailing from Karachi, Aleezay initially ventured into the entertainment industry through modeling before transitioning into acting.

Actress Aleezay Rasul as Ayra’s Bhabi

Agha Mustafa Hassan as Mohib

Agha Mustafa Hassan plays the role of Mohib in “Mein.” In the drama, Mohib portrays the role of Mubashira Jaffar’s former husband, and their marriage ended due to her selfish and egocentric behavior.

Agha Mustafa Hassan as Mohib

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