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YouTuber Asad Decides to Exclude Family Content from his Vlogs

In 2020, Pakistani YouTuber Asad became the talk of the town when he tied the knot with Nimra at a surprisingly young age, capturing the hearts of fans with their adorable wedding pictures that went viral on the internet.

YouTuber Asad Decides to Exclude Family Content from his Vlogs

The youthful couple ventured into YouTube vlogging, earning praise from millions of followers. However, Asad recently announced a significant shift in their content through a social media video.

Addressing fans’ curiosity about the absence of family-related content, YouTuber Asad explained, “Many have asked why I stopped sharing family content and featuring my wife on social media. I want to share that I made a spontaneous decision to no longer showcase family content. Often, we chase after wealth and worldly desires, forgetting about Allah and Islamic teachings. After reading about the sins that won’t be forgiven, including disrespect to parents, dressing against one’s gender, and exposing one’s wife to the world, I instantly decided to cease family content.”

Family ab nahi ayegi vlog mein🥺

Pakistani YouTuber Asad assured fans that vlogging would continue, featuring himself and his son Azlan, while refraining from showcasing other family members.

His decision, rooted in Islamic principles, has garnered widespread support and prayers from fans. Many applaud Asad for his courage in making such a strong and principled choice.

One social media user noted, “In the end, everyone will turn to Allah,” expressing solidarity with Asad’s spiritual journey.

Fans commend the YouTuber’s resolve and express their continued support, promising to follow his content despite the change in focus.

As prayers pour in for Asad, fans also extend their good wishes to other YouTubers who remain in the public eye.

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