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Mushk Kaleem’s Wedding Pictures with Husband Nadir Zia

The supermodel, Mushk Kaleem, tied the knot with Nadir Zia on Wednesday, December 15, 2021. This is a big day for them as they make a wonderful couple who have been in love for a long time. Here we have Mushk Kaleem’s wedding pictures with her husband Nadir Zia which will amaze you.

Mushk Kaleem

Throughout their relationship, Mushk Kaleem and Nadir Zia have remained secret. It was a very private affair, and the only ones who knew about it were their family members and close friends. Well! we wish them a delighted married life.

Mushk Kaleem’s wedding gown is quite stunning. She is wearing a white dress with a twist and her makeover has made her look lovely. On her wedding day, she looks absolutely stunning with an extra touch of elegance. She has made her look absolutely beautiful and her makeover is very flawless. Her lips have a red gloss and she got a beautiful hairstyle.

Mushk Kaleem Wedding dress

Meanwhile, the groom, Nadir Zia, chose also a white dress that matches the bride’s dress. This wedding dress is not just the most beautiful, but also a very stylish outfit. He has paired his wedding dress with Kurta and a white Pajama. That is why he looks is very modern and cool.

Mushk Kaleem and Nadir Zia In Their Wedding Pictures

On the day of her wedding, model Mushk Kaleem shared pictures on her Instagram account to show fans and followers that she is indeed the stunning bride. People who knew the model from her modeling career congratulated her on the news of her marriage to Nadir Zia. See Mushk Kaleem’s wedding pictures below with her husband Nadir Zia.

Mushk Kaleem Wedding Pictures
The bride wears the ring to the groom.
She looks stuning on her big day
Mushk Kaleem Wedding Pictures
The bride with her mother
Bride and Groom poses for their wedding Photoshoot
Mushk Kaleem Wedding Pictures
Nadir Zia with her friends

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