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Nadir & Momal Sheikh Did Their First Photoshoot

Nadir & Momal Sheikh did their first photoshoot for the first time. Momal Sheikh is a well-Known Pakistani actress and Nadir is her husband, who is a businessman. She is the daughter of senior actor Javed Sheikh and the sister of actor Shahzad Sheikh. She has appeared in several dramas such as Mujhey Khuda Pey Yaqeen Hay, Silsilay, and Yaarian. Recently she has also seen in the drama serial Mushk. She is a good actress like her father and brother.

Momal Sheikh has done numerous photoshoots as a model with many brands. And now she has seen in another stunning shoot along with her husband Nadir. She did this photoshoot for her best friend Hassan Rizvi. Momal and Hassan are very close friends.

Momal Sheikh’s husband Nadir is a businessman not from showbiz. This is his first photoshoot. But he has done great work as a skilled actor. Nadir & Momal Sheikh appeared together for the first time in a photoshoot. In the picture below you can see that the couple looks very cute in this shoot. Let’s take a look at the photos of this first photoshoot of the two of them.

nadir-momal-sheikh-did-their-first-photoshoot (8)
nadir-momal-sheikh-did-their-first-photoshoot (7)
nadir-momal-sheikh-did-their-first-photoshoot (3)
momal-sheikh and nadir
nadir-and-momal-sheikh-did-their-first-photoshoot (2)
momal sheikh and nadir
momal sheikh with her husband nadir

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