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Kiran Tabeir Celebrates One-Month Birthday Of Her Daughter Izzah

Happy one-month birthday to cute Izzah! Kiran Tabeir is celebrating the one-month birthday of her daughter with a sweet post on social media.

The new mom took to Instagram to share a series of pictures of herself holding her baby girl, who is sleeping peacefully in her arms.

Birthday Cake

The 32-year-old actress welcomed her first child, a daughter, with her husband, Ali Hamza Malik, on 13 August 2022. After 12 years of marriage, Kiran Tabeir and her husband have become parents to a beautiful daughter.

Kiran shared these pictures with a heartwarming note that read;

“You May Not Remember today, But I’ll never forget it, A month ago you came into my life and made it so Beautiful, IZZAH’S first month Birthday”.

At her first birthday party, baby Izzah wore a pink frock that matched pink balloons and pink fondant. Here is how Kiran Tabeir celebrated her daughter’s one-month birthday.

Kiran Tabeir Daughter
Kiran Tabeir Daughter
The actress cuts the birthday cake with her daughter

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Wearing a white tee-shirt, the actress holds her baby girl.
Kiran Tabeir Daughter
Kiran Tabeir Daughter

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