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Aliza Sehar Husband Age, Name, Profession, and Wedding Photo

In the expansive world of Pakistani vloggers, Aliza Sehar has emerged as a notable figure, captivating audiences with her engaging content. Hailing from a quaint village near Hasil Pur, she gains global recognition through her TikTok videos, resonating with viewers not just locally but around the world. Let’s meet with Aliza Sehar husband, and find out more about her wedding.

Aliza Sehar Husband Age, Name, Profession, and Wedding Photo

Born in 2000, Aliza Sehar has deep roots in the Muslim faith. Her father, Saeed Anwar, is a simple man, and her mother, Rukhsana Kausr, manages their household with grace.

Did Aliza Sehar Marry?

As you may know, Aliza Sehar recently found herself in the spotlight after a leaked video call surfaced on social media. After the incident, rumors about her personal life circulated on social media, including a wedding video. The question that many of her fans wish to know is, does Aliza Sehar get married? Who is her husband?

Meet Aliza Sehar’s Husband: Dil Muhammad

Tiktoker and village vlogger Aliza Sehar’s husband’s name is Dil Muhammad. Originally from Pakistan, Dil Muhammad is currently working abroad, which adds an interesting cross-border element to their relationship.

A wedding video began making rounds on social media, featuring Aliza Sehar standing beside her husband, Dil Muhammad. Dressed in a stunning ensemble, she exuded happiness, confirming the union that had remained a well-kept secret.

Aliza Sehar’s fans look forward to more glimpses of her marital bliss as she steps into this new chapter. So let’s take a look at Aliza Sehar wedding video with her husband Dil Muhammad below.

YouTuber Aliza Sehar Ne Shadi Kar Li - Aliza Sehar Wedding Video

Meet Aliza Sehar Family Memebers

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