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Bandish 2 – Cast & Characters – ARY Digital

Bandish 2 drama cast, name, pictures, story, timing, release date, actor and actress bio, and the total number of episodes.

Bandish 2 is a new drama series airing on ARY Digital. The first episode of the drama aired on 28 April 2023. Bandish 2 is a sequel to the first season of the drama, and it is equally exciting and bone-chilling as the first one. The drama is all about the effect of supernatural powers on a family’s life. It revolves around a family who suffers due to an attack by supernatural powers. Let’s take a look at the full cast of Bandish 2, their names, pictures, and a little bit about the characters.

Bandish 2 cast and charcters
Drama Title:Bandish S2
Channel Name:ARY Digital
Drama Timing:Every Friday at 8:00 PM
Total Episode:TBA
Release Date:28 April 2023
Directed By:Aabis Raza
Written By:Syed Nabeel, Shahid Nizami
Production Company:Big Bang Entertainment

Bandish 2 Drama Cast and Characters

The main cast of Bandish season 2 consists of actress Areej Mohiyudin, model Amna Ilyas, and actor Affan Waheed. The drama also features a number of supporting cast members who play important roles, including actress Sania Shamshad, Hoorian Iyka Ali, actor Hameed Farooqui, Imran Aslam, and many others.

This drama features the following actors and actresses:

Amna Ilyas as Wania

Model Amna Ilyas portrays Wania in Bandish 2.

Bandish 2 cast lead actress Amna Ilyas as Wania

Affan Waheed as Sameer

Actor Affan Waheed performs the role of Sameer in this drama.

Bandish 2 cast lead actor Affan Waheed

Sania Shamshad as Humaira

Bandish 2 cast actress Sania Shamshad as Humaira

Imran Aslam as Hassan

Bandish 2 cast actor Imran Aslam as Hassan

Areej Mohyudin as Manahil

Bandish 2 cast actress Areej Mohyudin as Manahil

Faraz Farooqui as Arman

Bandish 2 cast actor Faraz Farooqui as Arman

Sania Saeed as Humaira

Bandish 2 cast actress Sania Saeed

Zainab Qayyum

Actress Zainab Qayyum

Emaan Ahmed

Child actress Emaan Ahmed

Shuja Asad

Actor Shuja Asad

Hina Rizvi

Actress Hina Rizvi

Wajeha Khan

Actress Wajeha Khan

Sabahat Bukhari

Actress Sabahat Bukhari
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