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Maha Hasan Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Drama List

Maha Hasan is an increasingly popular Pakistani actress and model. She is well–known for her roles in dramas such as Ishqiya, Nand, and Yunhi. Learn more about Maha Hasan from this biography, which includes details about her age, family, husband, and the dramas she has appeared in!

Maha Hasan Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Drama List

Actress Maha Hasan Biography:

Maha Hasan is an up-and-coming star in the Pakistan showbiz Industry. Maha Hasan was born on 18 September in Karachi, Pakistan. She is approximately five feet and two inches tall.

Following the completion of her studies, Maha started her acting career with the drama serial Ishqiya in 2020. Her role as Rida in the drama brought her fame. Since then, she has starred in many commercials for famous brands and dramas as well.

Maha appeared in the Zee5 web series Churails as well. She has also been a hit in the drama “Nand”, in which she plays Farwa with Ayaz Samoo. Currently, she is working on the TV drama “Yunhi” with Maya Ali.

Maha Hasan Age

Maha Hasan Actress Age:

The actress was born on 18 September 1994 in Karachi, Pakistan. Currently, Maha is 28 years old.


She holds a graduate degree from the National Academy of Performing Arts, Karachi

Social Media Handles:

Height, Weight & Physical Stats:

She is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 56 kilograms.

Family of Maha Hasan:

Maha is a Pakistani citizen living with her family in Karachi.


Maha is not married and there is no public data available about her personal life. She is very private and only shares information that she deems appropriate.

Maha Hasan Drama List

Drama List:

The following is a list of all the dramas she has appeared in.

  • Ishqiya
  • Nand
  • Safar Tamam Howa
  • Ilzaam
  • Yunhi
  • Tumhare Husn Ke Naam

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