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Is Minal Khan Pregnant? She Has Just Posted a New Instagram Story

Is Minal Khan pregnant? Here is the latest picture from her Instagram story which indicates a motherhood phase of her. Television hottie, Minal Khan is one of the leading ladies of the small screen. She is an outstanding actress and model. She has appeared in a number of Pakistani dramas, winning the hearts of millions with her powerful performances. Additionally, she did many fashion shoots in her acting career and brought us a lot of fashion vibes.

Currently, Minal Khan is hinting at being pregnant four months after her marriage. However, she has not given any confirmation of the news other than sharing an Instagram photo of a pregnant woman.

Lately, the actress shared a photo of a pregnant woman on her Instagram stories. It appears she is embracing this new phase of her life. In her recent photograph, Minal Khan does not look as thin as she did before, and it is evident that she is indicating that she has reached the stage of motherhood after four months of marriage. And of course, she looks a lot fatter in that recent picture too. Check out her Instagram story!

She married Ahsan Mohsin Ikram in September 2021. The wedding ceremony stayed the center of attention on social media for a month just like that of her sister Aiman Khan. It is no wonder why she and her sister frequently appear on the cover of print and social media. Both of them are very talented and rank among the top Pakistani actresses. The following pictures are of Minal Khan and her husband Ahsan Mohsin Ikram from a recent wedding of one of her cousins.

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