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Lahore University Students: Hadiqa Javaid and Shehryar Ahmad Got Married

Hadiqa Javaid and Shehryar Ahmad, both were studying at the University of Lahore. They were loved each other very much. They had a domestic relationship and all their classmates knew about that.

Last week their video went viral on social media. In the blew video, It was seen that Hadiqa is proposing to Shehryar in front of other students. Considering the video as immoral, People quickly started sharing it on social media platforms. The video took the internet by storm and a trend started on Twitter. People started targeting Hadiqa and Shehryar on social media. As soon as the viral video reached the management of Lahore University. They talked about action against of couple. And they immediately dismissed Hadiqa and Shehryar from the university.

After which famous celebrities of the showbiz industry raised their voices in the favor of the couple. Almost all of the Pakistani artists wrote that expressing love is not wrong. But people did not like the shameful act of the couple in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. After seeing the viral video, everybody started calling Hadiqa Javaid characterless.

Hadiqa Javaid and Shehryar Ahmad Weeding

But today the latest news has come to light, Hadiqa Javaid and Shehryar Ahmad have tied the knot in a private ceremony. And the news has been confirmed by Tariq Farooq in his tweet. Farooq Tariq is the General Secretary of Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee (PKRC).

Hadiqa Javaid also shared the news of her wedding on a Twitter post.

And in response, Shehryar Ahmad also confirmed the news of his wedding.

And now people started raising the voices on social media that both of them should be re-admitted to the university of Lahore. Because these are innocent have done nothing illegal. What do you want to say about the news of Hadiqa & Shehryar’s wedding? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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