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YouTuber Devraj Patel Family, Siblings, Parents, Cause of Death

On Tuesday, June 26, 2023, Indian YouTuber Devraj Patel was killed in a road accident. The news of his death came as a shock to his fans and followers who had grown to love him for his unique brand of comedy. Devraj Patel was famous for his dialogue “Dil Se Bura Lagta Hai,” which touched the hearts of millions. Let’s take a look at the full biography of the YouTuber Devraj Patel and discover what happened to him.

YouTuber Devraj Patel Biography

YouTuber Devraj Patel Biography

Born in 2001, Devraj Patel was only 22 years old when he passed away. He lived with his family in Daab Pali village, Chhattisgarh. His father, Ghanshyam Patel, is an agriculturist, while his mother, Gauri Patel, is a homemaker. Devraj had a brother named Hemant Patel and a sister.

In 2020, Devraj started his official YouTube channel, “Dil Se Bura Lagta Hai – Devraj Patel Official.” However, it was in 2021 when he uploaded a video with the iconic dialogue “Dil Se Bura Lagta Hai” that he became an overnight sensation. The video touched the hearts of millions and went viral within hours of its release. His Instagram handle was @imdevrajpatel.

Devraj’s comedy was unique in that it was relatable to people from all walks of life. He had a way of making people laugh while also touching their hearts. Devraj’s popularity continued to grow, and he quickly became one of the most loved YouTubers in India.

YouTuber Devraj Patel Age

YouTuber Devraj Patel Age

At the time of his death, Devraj Patel was only 22 years old.


Currently, there is no information available regarding his educational background.

Height, Weight & Physical Stats

He was 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighed 80kg.

YouTuber Devraj Patel Family

Devraj hailed from the village of Daab Pali in Chhattisgarh. He lived with his family. He was the son of Ghanshyam and Gauri Patel. His father is an agriculturist, while his mother was a housewife. Devraj had a brother named Hemant Patel, and a sister as well.

Cause of Death

Cause of Death

The sudden demise of YouTuber Devraj Patel has left the entire Indian online community in shock. Devraj, who was famous for his catchphrase “Dil Se Bura Lagta Hai,” passed away on Tuesday, June 26, 2023, in a tragic road accident.

The accident happened around 3:30 pm when Devraj and his friend Rakesh Manhar were returning from Nava Raipur after shooting a video. Devraj was sitting behind Rakesh, who was riding the motorbike. Suddenly, a speeding truck came from the opposite direction and hit the handle of the bike. The impact of the accident was so severe that Devraj came under the heavy wheel of the truck, while Rakesh got injured.

Rakesh immediately called for an ambulance, and Devraj was rushed to the hospital. However, despite the best efforts of the medical team, Devraj could not be saved and was declared dead on arrival.

The online community has lost a bright star in Devraj Patel, but his legacy will live on through his videos and the memories of his fans. He will always be remembered as a talented comedian who brought joy and laughter to the lives of many.

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