Ali Gul Pir Wife Azeemah Nakhoda Biography, Age, Family & Pics

Azeemah Nakhoda is a medical aesthetician and laser therapist. She got engaged with famous comedian Ali Gul Pir in a private ceremony. When she gets engaged to Ali Gul Pir, she becomes a popular celebrity. Her fiance is one of Pakistan’s most popular celebrities and he has millions of followers on almost every social media platform. There is a lot of curiosity among social media users as to who Azeemah Nakhoda is and where she comes from. Let’s take a look at Azeemah Nakhoda biography and all details which relate to her life and career.

A rare photo of Ali Gul Pir wife Azeemah Nakhoda wearing a black Saree.

Azeemah Nakhoda Biography

Azeemah Nakhoda is a medical aesthetician and laser specialist. She was born in Karachi. Aside from that, She works as an Account Manager at CDW Corporation. Her company provides business, education, and healthcare customers with information technology solutions in the USA, the UK, and Canada. Azeemah has also worked as a research assistant at Dow University of health sciences laboratory.

Azeemah Nakhoda Biography and all other detials.


Azeemah was born in Karachi, Pakistan. As of 2022, She is 30 years old.


Azeemah attended Karachi Grammar School for her primary education. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from McGill University.


She belongs to a well-educated family who lives in Karachi. Her mother is also a dermatologist. Her mother’s name is Tasneem Nakhoda who runs her dermatologist clinic in Karachi. As for Azeemah, she has also chosen a similar path to her mother, completing a degree in psychology and furthering her studies within the medical field, focusing on dermatology.

A family photo of Azeemah Nakhoda with her mother, father, and brother taking dinner together.


She gets engaged with famous Pakistani comedian Ali Gul Pir on 13 January 2022. Her fiance, Ali Gul Pir, is a Pakistani rapper, actor, and comedian who also works in TV and voiceovers. Ali Gul Pir lives in Karachi and he is 35 years old. Here we have gathered Azeemah Nakhoda and Ali Gul Pir engagement pictures from the ceremony, Have a look!

Engagement photo of Azeemah Nakhoda with her fiance Ali Pir Gul.
A photo of Azeemah and Ali Gul Pir when they exchanged their engagement rings during the ceremony.
Engagement photo of Azeemah Nakhoda with her fiance Ali Pir Gul.
Engagement photo of Azeemah Nakhoda with her fiance Ali Pir Gul.
Engagement photo of Azeemah Nakhoda with her fiance Ali Pir Gul.

Azeema Nakhoda Pics

She is quite active on her Instgram page where she has 3k followers. She loves her fans and that is evident from her pictures. Every time she posts something interesting on Instagram, the comments go haywire. Before closing out the topic of Azeemah Nakhoda Biography, we would like to share some of her stunning clicks which we have collected from her Instagram page, have a look at them below!

A photo of her when she takes off to her visit to Northern areas of Pakistan.
A photo in which she takes a selfie herself.
Here is a memorable photo of Azeema with her friends while she was studying at McGill University.

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