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Angna Drama Cast Name, Pictures, Story, & Timing

Angna is a new drama serial on ARY Tv starting from 7th March 2022. The drama story is full of a father and daughters bond. If you are looking for the cast of Angna drama, then you are at the right place. Here we have collected all the information about the Angna drama cast like real names and pictures of all of them. You will also find out about the background and biography of each one of them in detail. Let’s go ahead and check out this article to know more about ARY TV drama Angna cast, storyline, and timing. Keep reading!.

Angna Drama Cast

Crew Details

This drama is written by Sameena Aijaz and directed by Tehseen Khan and Saqib Zafar. As per the director, the Angna drama cast members performed extremely well in their roles. Besides, The drama is produced by iDream Entertainment.

Drama Title:Angna
Total Episode:TBA
Lead Cast:Areeba Habib
Azfar Rehman
Rabab Hashim
Ali Abbas
Release Date:7th March 2022
Channel Name:ARY Digital Tv
Schedule:Monday To Sunday
Timing:7:00 PM
Directed By:Tehseen Khan
Saqib Zafar
Written By:Sameena Aijaz
Produced By:iDream Entertainment
Production Company:iDream Entertainment

Angna Drama Cast Name List

Angna drama cast consists of the big names of the film and television industry. Among those include Rabab Hashim, Areeba Habib, Kanwal Khan, Azfar Rehman, Ali Abbas, and Asim Mehmood performed some important roles in the drama. Check out the confirmed cast member’s name for the ARY Tv drama Angna in the section below.

Angna Drama Cast Name List
ARY Drama Angna Cast Name
Azfar Rehman asTaimoor
Areeba Habib asAbeeha
Ali Abbas asZain
Rabab Hashim asEshaal
Asim Mehmood asAmmar
Kanwal Khan asAiza
Fatima Sohail asAyla
Danial Afzal asTBA
Laiba Khan asNayyab
Mohsin Gillani asTBA
Rabia Noreen asTBA
Gul-e-Rana asDadi
Ismail Tara asTBA
Rubina Ashraf asSaira
Sajjad Paul asRaza
Atiqa Odho asAzfar Baig’s Wife
Javed Sheikh asAzfar Baig

Angna Drama Story

Angna drama story focuses on a strong bond between a father and daughters. The drama tells a story about Azfar Baig, who has raised four beautiful daughters who are getting married into 4 completely different families, each of which is quite dysfunctional. The drama plot revolves around family issues, love, and hate, especially what happens to girls after their weddings.

Angna Drama Story

Angna has many twists and turns in its different episodes that will make you captivated and addicted to the show. Areeba Habib plays the main female lead role in Angna while the male lead is played by Azfar Rehman. The Angna drama cast makes their mark as the perfect and lively duo in every scene. There is a perfect balance between suspense in the drama to keep viewers engaged.

Female Cast Age

Areeba Habib38 Years Old
Rubab Hashim29 Years Old
Kanwal Khan23 Years Old
Laiba Khan24 Years Old
Fatima Sohail33 Years Old
Rabia Noreen56 Years Old
Rubina Ashraf62 Years Old
Atiqa Odho54 Years Old
Gul-e-Rana56 Years Old

Male Cast Age

Azfar Rehman34 Years Old
Ali Abbas38 Years Old
Asim Mehmood34 Years Old
Danial Afzal31 Years Old
Mohsin Gillani60 Years Old
Ismail Tara72 Years Old
Sajjad Pal27 Years Old
Javed Sheikh67 Years Old

Angna Cast Pics & Bio

The following section provides you with information on All Angna drama cast members such as their real-life photos, married status, social media handles, and recent dramas in which they appeared. So don’t forget to check it out!

Angna Cast Pics & Bio

Azfar Rehman as Taimoor

Full Name: Azfar Rehman
Social Media Handle: @Azfu
Marital Status: Unmarried
Spouse: N/A
Recent Drama: Bisaat

Azfar Rehman plays Taimoor in the drama Angna.

Areeba Habib as Abeeha

Full Name: Areeba Habib
Social Media Handle: @imareebahabib
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Saadain Imran Sheikh
Recent Drama: Jalan

Areeba Habib plays lead role as Abeeha in the drama Angna.

Ali Abbas as Zain

Full Name: Ali Abbas
Social Media Handle: @aliabbasofficial
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Hamna Ali
Recent Drama: Badzaat, Mere Apne,

Ali Abbas as Zain

Rabab Hashim as Eshaal

Full Name: Rabab Hashim
Social Media Handle: @abbiehashim
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Shoiab
Recent Drama: Sila e Mohabbat

Rubab Hashim cast as Eshaal in the drama Angna.

Kanwal Khan as Aiza

Full Name: Kanwal Khan
Social Media Handle: @realkanwalkhan
Marital Status: Unmarried
Spouse: N/A
Recent Drama: Wafa Be Mol

Kanwal Khan plays Aiza in the drama.

Fatima Sohail as Ayla

Full Name: Fatima Sohail
Social Media Handle: @fatima_sohail2
Marital Status: Marriad
Ex-Husband: Mohsin Abbas Haider
Recent Drama: Mera Dil Mera Dushman

Laiba Khan as Nayyab

Full Name: Laiba Khan
Social Media Handle: @laibaakhanofficial
Marital Status: Unmarried
Spouse: N/A
Recent Drama: Dulhan

Laiba Khan as Nayyab

Sajjad Paul as Raza

Full Name: Sajjad Pal
Social Media Handle: @sajjad_pal
Marital Status: Unmarried
Spouse: N/A
Recent Drama: Ishq Hai

Sajjad Paul as Raza

Asim Mehmood

Full Name: Asim Mehmood
Social Media Handle: @asimmehmoodofficial
Marital Status: Unmarried
Spouse: N/A
Recent Drama: Inteqam

Asim Mehmood

Danial Afzal

Full Name: Danial Afzal Khan
Social Media Handle: @danialafzalkhan
Marital Status: Unmarried
Spouse: N/A
Recent Drama: Badzaat

Danial Afzal

Mohsin Gillani

Mohsin Gillani

Rabia Noreen

Rabia Noreen



Ismail Tara

Ismail Tara

Rubina Ashraf

Rubina Ashraf

Atiqa Odho

Atiqa Odho also cast in the drama Angna.

Javed Sheikh

Javed Sheikh plays as Azfar Baig in the drama Angna.

Ary Drama Angna Cast Interview

Recently, the Angna drama cast & crew appeared on a Nida Yasir show Good Morning Pakistan, where they divulged their acting experience during the shoots and talked about the drama. Check out the video below for the full interview with the Angna cast & crew.

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