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Kacha Dhaga Drama Cast Name, Pictures, Story, & Timing – Hum TV

Kacha Dhaga is a new Pakistani drama that premiered on Hum TV in January 2023. This drama received praise for providing a memorable storyline and strong writing. There is also praise for the acting, especially for the lead actors and actresses. Get to know the full drama cast, their names, pictures, and a little bit about the story.

Cast and Characters of Kacha Dhaga:

Kacha Dhaga is a new drama on Geo TV that has an excellent storyline, a talented cast, and an outstanding director. The first episode of the drama is due on 2 January 2023. Throughout the drama, the cast did an outstanding job portraying their characters.

There are the following actors in the drama:

Drama Title:Kacha Dhaga
Channel Name:Hum TV
Total Episode:TBA
Release Date:2 January 2023
Directed By:Abdullah Badini
Written By:Rizwan Ahmed
Produced By:Momina Duraid
Production Company:MD Productions

Kacha Dhaga – Cast Pictures:

As the lead actress, Hina Afridi plays Arishma. She is an emerging Pakistani actress. She played a pivotal role in the drama serial Pehli Si Muhabbat alongside Maya Ali. Originally from Lahore, she is 21 years old and unmarried.

A picture of the lead actress Hina Afridi playing Arishma in Kacha Dhaga

The drama also features Nabeel Zuberi as Harib. As an established Pakistani actor, he has a wealth of experience in the field. Nabeel has previously appeared in the drama Dobara. His current age is 31 and married.

A picture of the lead actor Nabeel Zuberi who is portraying Harib in Kacha Dhaga

Mashal Khan, an impressive actress, also appears in the cast of Kacha Dhaga. As Maya, she plays the main character. The actress previously appeared in the drama Hasrat.

A picture of the lead actress Mashal Khan in her role as Maya in Kacha Dhaga

Usama Khan also appears in the cast of Kacha Dhaga as Hamdan. The actor has previously starred in the drama serial Siyani. Usama is 31 years old. He was born in Gujranwala, Pakistan, on November 22, 1991.

A picture of the lead actor Usama Khan who is portraying Hamdan in Kacha Dhaga

Aiman Zaman joins the cast of Kacha Dhaga as well. She is a talented actress from Pakistan. Some of her notable works include Juda Huay Kuch Is Tarah, Inaam-e-Mohabbat, and Tamanna.

Here is an image of Aiman Zaman wearing a red dress

Shamil Khan is also cast in Kacha Dhaga. Previously, he appeared in the drama serial Wehshi. He is a renowned Pakistani film actor who has a huge fan following on Instagram. The actor is 44 years old and married.

A picture of the actor Shamil Khan poses on set of the drama

The supporting cast of the drama includes several well-known actors and actresses such as Kinza Malik, Akhyar Khalid, Rashida Tabassum, Arshad Ghori, Sabahat Ali, and many others.

Drama Story:

The drama story revolves around the life of a young girl named Arishma. She falls in love with her classmate Hamdan. She expresses her love for him, but her father does not accept him because of their class differences.

As a result of Hamdan’s efforts, Arishma’s father decides to allow the couple to marry. Nevertheless, Hamdan claims that he married Arishma in order to avenge her on the day of the wedding.

Arishma then marries Harib, and they become a couple. Then Hamdan reappears in Arishma’s life once again. Despite everything, she never loses hope and faces everything with courage. In this dramatic story, you will find many twists and turns that will leave you amazed by what you are going to discover.

Drama Timing:

This drama airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 pm on Hum TV, so don’t miss it.

Kacha Dhaga - Promo 01 - Starting From 2nd January, Mon & Tue At 9:00 PM Only On HUMTV

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