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Guru Drama Cast & Characters – Express TV


Guru Express TV drama cast, cast name, cast pictures, story, timing, release date, actor and actress bio, and the total number of episodes.

Guru is a Pakistani drama series airing on Express TV, which stars Ali Rehman in the lead role. The first episode of the drama aired on 7 June 2023. This drama revolves around the story of an intersex man named Guru. No matter how many challenges and struggles Guru faces, he never loses hope. Let’s take a look at the full cast of Guru, their names, pictures, and a little bit about the characters.

Guru Drama Cast & Characters – Express TV
Drama Title:Guru
Channel:Express TV
Timing:Every Wednesday at 8:00 PM
Release Date:7 June 2023
Directed By:Bilawal Hussain Abbasi
Written By:Likhari
Produced By:Wajaht Rauf, Shazia Wajahat

Guru Drama Cast and Characters

The lead cast of Guru consists of Ali Rehman, Hira Khan, and Zhalay Sarhadi. Additionally, the drama boasts an impressive supporting cast that brings important characters to life.

Guru drama full cast includes:

Zhalay Sarhadi as Fakhra

Guru drama cast lead actress Zhalay Sarhadi as Fakhra

Ali Rehman as Guru

Guru drama cast lead actor Ali Rehman as Guru

Hira Khan as Mariam

Guru drama cast 2nd lead actress Hira Khan as Mariam

Umer Alam

Guru drama cast 2nd lead actor Umer Alam

Irfan Motiwala

Actor Irfan Motiwala

Omi Butt

Actor Omi Butt

Mohsin Ejaz

Actor Mohsin Ejaz

Shehryar Zaidi

Actor Shehryar Zaidi

Raweeha Fatima

Child actor Raweeha fatima

Hasan Kamal

Actor Hasan Kamal

Usman Chaudhry

Actor Usman Chaudhry

Fouzia Mushtaq

Actress Fouzia Mushtaq

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