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Guddu Drama Cast Name, Pictures, Story, & Timing – Geo TV

Guddu is a new Pakistani drama that aired on Geo TV on 18th August 2022. The drama has an ensemble cast of talented actors and actresses, and the story is sure to keep viewers hooked. Take a look at the Guddu drama cast, their names, pictures, and a little bit about the story.

The Cast and Crew of the Drama:

The cast of Guddu includes some of Pakistan’s most popular television actors and actresses. The lead role of Guddu will be played by Fatima Effendi, who is best known for her roles in dramas like Hamari Betiyaan, Munafiq, and Bechari Qudsia.

Guddu Drama Cast Name, Pictures, Story, & Timing - Geo TV

Fatima Effendi will be joined by Ali Abbas, who has starred in the hit drama serial Mere Apne. His father Waseem Abbas is a well-known actor and is one of the most talented actors on the scene.

The drama also features Falak Shahzad, a child actor who plays the role of the main character. He previously starred in the drama serial Badnaseeb.

Rimha Ahmed is also cast in Guddu. Known for his role in the drama serial Zakham, she is currently one of the fast-growing actresses in the Pakistan drama industry.

Kanwal Khan also appears in the drama cast of Guddu. She is a young and talented Pakistani actress. Kanwal has acted in many dramas but she gained a lot of fame by working in the drama serials Dank and Fitoor.

Drama Title:Guddu
Genre:Family Drama
Channel Name:Geo TV
Total Episode:TBA
Lead Cast:Fatima Effendi, Ali Abbas, Falak Shahzad
Release Date:18 August 2022
Timing:Every Day at 7:00 pm
Directed By:Irfan Aslam
Written By:Rukhsana Nigar
Produced By:Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi
Production Company:7th Sky Entertainment

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Guddu drama cast also includes many other well-known actors and actresses such as Sohail Sameer, Zain Afzal, Saleem Mairaj, Madiha Rizvi, and Faiza Khan. We are going to explore the cast and crew details of the Guddu drama, so let’s take a look at it!

Guddu Drama Cast Name List:

Guddu is a new hit drama serial with an excellent storyline, direction, and performances of the cast. The cast of the drama did a great job in portraying their characters.

Guddu Drama Cast Name, Pictures, Story, & Timing - Geo TV

Fatima Effendi and Ali Abbas are brilliant as the lead couple. Zain Afzal and Rimha Ahmed are also good in their roles. Below is the list of the confirmed cast members for the Geo TV drama Guddu.

  • Fatima Effendi as Nayab
  • Ali Abbas as Ebad
  • Rimha Ahmed as Nazo
  • Falak Shahzad as Guddu
  • Kanwal Khan as Sidra
  • Zain Afzal as Muneeb
  • Saleem Mairaj as Sohail
  • Sohail Sameer as Daud
  • Faiza Khan as Zubi
  • Madiha Rizvi as Noreen
  • Kinza Malik as Safiya
  • Tipu Shareef as Zaheer
  • Baber Khan as Naveed
  • Rashid Farooqui as Fareed

Drama Story:

The dramatic story of Guddu revolves around the life of Guddu, played by Falak Shahzad, a child star.

He and her mother (Fatima Effendi) live with her grandmother after his father divorces her mother. The mother-son pair move into the house of her grandmother.

He witnesses his mother getting married as a consequence of the pressure put on her by her family. In spite of this, he is facing a lot of pain when his stepfather denies he lives in the house with him.

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As a result of her parent’s parting ways, Guddu goes through a lot of pain. In contrast, Guddu faces constant cruelty from his uncle, which eventually leads him to run away from home. It appears that the bad guys have trapped him and forced him to perform child labor in order to survive.

As you can see, it is undoubtedly an emotional story that will captivate everyone who watches it.

Guddu Drama Timing:

You can watch this drama on Geo TV every evening at 7:00 pm, so don’t miss it.

Cast Pictures & Bios for Guddu:

Here we provide you with all information on Guddu drama cast members such as their real-life pics, age, married status, social media handles, and recent dramas in which they appeared. So don’t forget to check it out!

Fatima Effendi as Nayab

Guddu Drama Cast Lead Actress Fatima Effendi

Ali Abbas as Ebad

Guddu Drama Cast Lead Actor Ali Abbas

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Rimha Ahmed as Nazo

Actress Rimha Ahmed

Falak Shahzad as Guddu

Guddu Drama Cast Lead Child actor Falak Shahzad

Kanwal Khan as Sidra

Actress Kanwal Khan

Zain Afzal as Muneeb

Actor Zain Afzal

Saleem Mairaj as Sohail

Actor Saleem Mairaj

Sohail Sameer as Daud

Actor Sohail Sameer

Faiza Khan as Zubi

Actress Faiza Khan

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Madiha Rizvi as Noreen

Actress Madiha Rizvi

Kinza Malik as Safiya

Actress Kinza Malik

Tipu Shareef as Zaheer

Actor Tipu Shareef

Rashid Farooqui as Fareed

Actor Rashid Farooqui

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