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Namak Haram Drama: Story, Timing, and Release Date – Hum TV

Namak Haram is a new romantic drama serial on Hum TV. This intriguing story revolves around romance and revenge to is a must-watch for all drama enthusiasts. The stellar cast, led by the talented actress Sarah Khan and the charming actor Imran Ashraf, brings the narrative to life with their exceptional performances. Discover the interesting facts about the drama Namak Haram, exploring its story, timing, and its release date.

Namak Haram Drama: Story, Timing, and Release Date - Hum TV

Namak Haram Crew Details

Talented Saqlain Abbas writes the captivating story of Namak Haam and directs it as well. While MD Production & FARS Entertainment collaborate to bring this engaging series to life.

Namak Haram Drama Story

The drama story revolves around a family revenge between Murad and Amin Qureshi. Murad has been planning and working for 27 years to get revenge on Amin Qureshi. He has served as Amin’s assistant for many years.

Namak Haram - Teaser - Coming Soon [ Imran Ashraf & Sarah Khan ] HUM TV

Amin’s daughter Asma becomes involved in this plan as well. Over time, Murad’s hatred of Asma gradually transforms into love. Murad and Asma’s romance takes an interesting turn in the story.

Drama Timing

The first episode of “Namak Haram” aired on 3rd November 2023.

Drama Timing

The “Namak Haram” airs every Friday at 8:00 p.m.

Where to Watch

Watch “Namak Haram” live on the Hum TV channel or on YouTube.

Meet the Full Cast of Namak Haram

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