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Nikah Drama Cast Name, Pictures, Story, & Timing – Geo TV

Nikah is a new drama that is airing on Geo TV. It stars Haroon Shahid, Zainab Shabbir, Kanwal Khan, and Javeria Abbasi in the lead roles. The first episode of the drama is due on 20 January 2023. Discover the cast of Nikah, including their names, pictures, and a little bit about the story.

Nikah Drama Cast Name, Pictures, Story, & Timing - Geo TV
Drama Title:Nikah
Channel Name:Geo TV
Total Episode:TBA
Release Date:20 January 2023
Directed By:Zahid Mehmood
Written By:Nuzhat Saman
Produced By:Abdullah Kadwani, Asad Qureshi
Production Company:7th Sky Entertainment

Cast and Characters of Nikah:

Nikah is a new drama on Geo TV that has an excellent storyline, a talented cast, and an outstanding director. Throughout the drama, the performers did an outstanding job portraying their characters. The Nikah cast is made up of some of the finest actors in the Pakistani drama industry.

There are the following actors in the drama:

  • Haroon Shahid
  • Zainab Shabbir
  • Javeria Abbasi
  • Sohail Sameer
  • Shabbir Jan
  • Hammad Farooqui
  • Saima Qureshi
  • Kanwal Khan
  • Shaheen Khan
  • Seemi Pasha
  • Naveed Raza
  • Yasir Shoro
  • Birjees Farooqui
  • Pari Hashmi
  • Memona Qudoos
  • Nazia Khan
  • Rabia Adeel
  • Ahmed Basheer
  • Ghazala Darweesh
  • Salma Qadir
  • Faisal Bali
  • Faizan Khan
  • Ikram Abbasi
  • Akhtar Ghazali
  • Akhyar Khan
  • Mujtaba Abbasi
  • Kamal Khan
  • Shareef Baloch
  • Rehan Saeed
  • Syeda Ammara Batool
  • Amina Qadir
  • Urooj Abbas
  • Bushra Khanum
  • Atiya Khan
  • Imran Marwat
  • Saira Bano
  • Sohail Mirza
  • Mehmood Jaffery
  • Sohail Masood
  • Faisal Shahzad
  • Khurram Shahzad
  • Afnan Shamim
  • Afshan Zafar
  • Nusrat Fatima
  • Kiran Shahid
  • Naseem Fatima
  • Abu Rohan
  • Hamza Mohsin
  • Muskan Junaid
  • Anees Alam
  • Safia Sajid Awan
  • Saria Umair (Guest Appearance)
  • Anzela Abbasi (Guest Appearance)

The supporting cast of the drama includes several well-known actors and actresses such as Sohail Sameer, Saima Qureshi, Shabbir Jan, Yasir Shoro, Seemi Pasha, Naveed Raza, Salma Qadir, and many others.

Nikah Drama Cast Name, Pictures, Story, & Timing - Geo TV

Nikah – Cast Pictures

Haroon Shahid

A picture of the lead actor Haroon Shahid

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Zainab Shabbir

A picture of the lead actress Zainab Shabbir in the role of Anousha

Yasir Shoro

Actor Yasir Shoro

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Kanwal Khan

Nikah actress Kanwal Khan

Hammad Farooqui

Actor Hammad Farooqui

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Pari Hashmi

Nikah actress Pari Hashmi

Sohail Sameer

Actor Sohail Sameer

Javeria Abbasi

Actress Javeria Abbasi

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Drama Story:

The story of Nikah revolves around the life of Anousha. She fulfilled one condition during her marriage ceremony that changed how her life turned out. Anousha requests that the Nikah agreement include a right to divorce, but the groom refuses to do so. She ends up marrying someone else she thinks she should have married because of her cousin’s support.

Nikah Drama Timing:

This drama airs every day at 7:00 pm on Har Pal Geo.

Nikah | Starting from 20th January | Ft. Haroon Shahid, Zainab Shabbir | Har Pal Geo| 7th Sky Entert

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